Elizabeth Chambers Confirms Where She Stands With Ex Armie Hammer After His Scandal

Warning: This article contains mention of sexual assault.

It's been a tough few years for Elizabeth Chambers. A host of disturbing allegations surfaced towards her ex-husband Armie Hammer in early 2021, leading to the recent docuseries, "House of Hammer." What initially began as texts revealing the "Call Me By Your Name" actor's supposed cannibalism fetish soon snowballed into sexual assault allegations against Hammer, which are still the subject of an ongoing investigation. As each new development in the scandal got worse, Hammer was dropped from several films and pulled out of the rest — as it currently stands, a Hollywood comeback seems totally out of the question.

Throughout it all, Chambers has declined to publicly comment on her disgraced ex. The former couple announced their divorce in 2020, a year before the allegations, but they were still in contact to co-parent their two young children, Harper and Ford. Although reports circulated of Chambers and Hammer's reconciliation, the TV personality has since gone public with new beau Ricardas Kazinec, per Us Weekly. While it was previously unclear how Chambers feels about everything that's unfolded, she's finally ready to open up about her side of the story in a bombshell sit-down.

Elizabeth Chambers is still co-parenting with Armie Hammer

In a new interview with E! News, Elizabeth Chambers is breaking her silence on Armie Hammer's scandal. Her last interview was in 2020, before the allegations dropped, and this is her first time addressing them. She opened the conversation by saying, "For a very long time we've said, 'No comment, no comment, no comment.' Part of me felt like it was taking the high road and part of me was like, just let us process." Although she's still processing everything to a degree, Chambers has been working hard at healing from the traumatic events. "It's so cliché, but you have to work through it," she said. "You can't numb it and you can't pretend it doesn't exist. Call in every resource, ask for help, tell people what you need."

Despite everything that's come out about Hammer, Chambers said that she continues to support him as a co-parent, explaining, "We're in constant communication and all that matters is that he is the best dad for our children." Besides putting the pieces of her life back together, Chambers spoke more specifically about Hammer's accusers. The BIRD Bakery founder said, "I consider myself a feminist and stand in solidarity with anyone who has been a victim of any sort and hope they find healing." She also admitted to watching "House of Hammer," revealing that some revelations surprised even her. Overall, after experiencing such a shocking blow to her family, Chambers seems to be holding up well.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual assault, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or visit RAINN.org for additional resources.