Inside Anderson Cooper's Friendship With Kelly Ripa

Anderson Cooper made an adorable revelation about his son's love for Kelly Ripa's daughter earlier this year, but what do we know about the friendship between the two famed anchors themselves?

Back in February, Cooper shared in an episode of "Live! with Kelly and Ryan" that his eldest son Wyatt had an impressive bond with Ripa's daughter. "My son Wyatt is so deeply in love with Lola Consuelos's like the love that burns of a thousand suns," he said. And, luckily for little Wyatt, Ripa quipped, "It is a mutual love." That's just as well, as Ripa has previously joked that she hasn't been quite as lucky with the CNN broadcaster, herself. In fact, much like Wyatt's adoration of her daughter, Ripa told Vanity Fair in 2014 she had a massive crush on Cooper. "I've had a 20-year unrequited love affair with him," she told the outlet. Unfortunately, Cooper being gay threw something of a spanner in the works for her —though Ripa also joked that it came with a perk in the form of a non-jealous husband. Speaking of her husband Mark Consuelos' take, she revealed, "He understands that Anderson doesn't share my enthusiasm." 

That said, in the absence of romance, these two have managed to forge a real, enduring friendship. 

Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa love working together

According to Bravo, Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa met while the former was a guest host on "Live! with Regis and Kelly." Cooper filled in for Regis Philbin while he was away for surgery, per The Week ... and the rest is history. 

In a 2016 episode of "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," Ripa gushed that she would love to work with Cooper again — even referring to him as, "The one that got away" (via CNN). As for Cooper himself, he shared in a separate "WWHL" episode that he wouldn't rule out an opportunity to work with his admirer again after Michael Strahan's exit from "Live! with Kelly and Michael." In fact, he shared, "It would be a dream to work with Kelly." However, there were two spanners in the works. For one, he acknowledged, "I'm very happy at CNN." Secondly — and perhaps more crucially — he hadn't actually been offered a spot as Strahan's replacement. That spot ultimately went to Ryan Seacrest ...but we digress. 

Luckily for Cooper and Ripa, though they might not work together as colleagues, they have had ample opportunities to feature alongside one another in other ways. From "WWHL" appearances with their mutual friend, Andy Cohen, to Cooper being brought on as a guest on "Live! with Kelly and Ryan," they've found ways to spend time together on-camera several times over the years. We guess Cooper's didn't entirely get away, after all. 

Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa are not afraid of sharing their friendship with the world

While some celebrities are partial to keeping their friendships private, it's safe to say Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper don't fit into that category. Far from it, these two are happy to share their love for each other on social media. 

Back in 2018, Cooper shared a sweet throwback picture of himself with Ripa to Instagram, alongside a sweet message for his bestie. "How many nights dancing? How many early mornings? How many laughs and giggles? How many silly stories told, and memories made?" he wrote. Ripa's reply? "The answer is not nearly enough and many more to come," she shared. Ripa has also shared her fair share of gushy posts over Cooper. Last year, she included him as one of her "Favorite Geminis" alongside Andy Cohen, son Michael Consuelos, and daughter Lola Consuelos. To be included alongside the Consuelos kids, it's pretty clear Cooper's about as close as a family friend can get.

Kelly Ripa may joke that she's "had a 20-year unrequited love affair" with Anderson Cooper (via Vanity Fair), but when it comes down to it, the love these two have for each other is mutual, and nothing short of best friend goals.