Hoda Kotb's New Today Show Comments Prove She's On Good Terms With Savannah Guthrie

Rumors of an ongoing feud between co-hosts Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie started circulating earlier in October 2022. Per ET, the two had some moments of awkward interactions on the sets of their daytime show. Furthermore, Guthrie missed several shows in the summer, leading to speculations about her possible exit due to the feud.

The rumors started when Guthrie was busy making a salad with cookbook author Elizabeth Heiskell. Kotb interrupted her co-host, asking if they were finished with the process. Visibly annoyed, Guthrie responded that she was done. "Yeah, that's it. Moving on. We'll just move on, we don't have time for all that," she remarked, per Distractify. A source, according to Suggest, spoke about another possible reason for their said feud, revolving around "Today" personality Jenna Bush Hager. The source noted that Hager was the primary reason behind the duo attacking each other. "Jenna claims to be Guthrie's best friend, but then whenever Savannah's not there, she'll turn around and buddy up to Kotb and the two of them will take shots at Savannah," the source revealed.

Co-managing a show can be hectic for the hosts, but Kotd and Guthrie — time and again — have proved why they are so good at handling the pressure. To the relief of their fans, it turns out that the rumors might not have much substance to them. Kotb opened up about her relationship with Guthrie, which might end all the rumors around their relationship and a potential feud.

Hoda Kotb thinks Savannah Guthrie is hilarious

Hoda Kotb opened up to People about sharing the stage with her co-host, Savannah Guthrie. "You don't wanna be next to Savannah," Kotb stated. "She drops bombs on me during the show that I'm seriously afraid I'm gonna laugh and get fired." Guthrie agreed, revealing that the two "basically laugh through every single morning."

The hosts also revealed their experience performing for the show's Halloween episode where they were on camera dressed as Cirque du Soleil aerialists — putting a show that they were not so sure of. Kotb and Guthrie confessed that they had little faith in their abilities with no experience in gymnastics. "When we rehearsed, the rings were maybe like three inches off the ground. And then we came out here and we're like, 'Whoa, those are really high,'" Guthrie said. Kotb agreed, adding that a mat was underneath them and an ambulance was standing by. "Our only job was to hold on because they couldn't tether us because of all of our incredible moves," Kotb noted. The best part of working together was that they could "lean on each other." Kotb stated that one of the two might have a bad day, so the other person was always there to balance things.

Kotb shared, "We just listen. I think that's it. Someone told me the best way to have a friendship or raise kids or do anything is four words. 'Listen and love, love, love.' That's it."