Britney Spears Squashes Decade-Old Beef With Former Zoey 101 Star

Any teenage fan of Nickelodeon back in the late 2000s will recall Dan Schneider's hit teen dramedy "Zoey 101," which starred Jamie Lynn Spears, the younger sister of pop icon Britney Spears. Fans of the series will remember Alexa Nikolas, who played Nicole Bristow for the first two seasons until she left the show under some contentious circumstances. At the time, it was reported that Nikolas and Jamie Lynn had engaged in numerous fights, and the two were simply not working well on set, forcing Schneider to write Nikolas' character out of the series. 

However, that was not the end of the drama. The New York Post reported at the time that Jamie Lynn's sister Britney had come onto the set in defense of her little sister and hurled numerous insults and threats at Nikolas, including that she would "never work in this town again," and that she was an "evil little girl." Now, however, nearly two decades later, it appears as though things have calmed down between the two former teen stars, and Britney has even taken to Twitter to officially squash the notorious beef she had with Jamie Lynn's ex-costar. 

Alexa Nikolas publicly accepts Britney Spears' apology on Twitter

On November 3, Britney Spears posted a lengthy text on Twitter in which she publicly addressed Alexa Nikolas and even apologized to her over the beef they once had in the past. "Although I have apologized to you personally just by "instinct" my heart at the time didn't know how incredibly good my family was with the ACTING LANGUAGE !!!" Spears wrote. "My sister was literally like my daughter growing up ... so I apologize for my ignorance for yelling at you when I obviously had no idea what was really going on !!!" 

Spears, likely referring to an appearance on the Real Pod podcast Nikolas made on October 26, added that she was inspired by Nikolas calling out the abuse industry in Hollywood, as she has experienced it herself. She wrote, "The way you spoke gave me strength and inspiration but I do write you this message today because I am sorry for ever hurting your feelings !!!"

Nikolas, who had evidently already accepted Spears' personal apology, formally thanked her again for her kind words. "Love you so much," she tweeted at the pop star. Continuing with, "Seriously I'm crying. Thank you. SO much. This type of kindness right now is making me melt. You deserve the best in this world. You are my biggest inspiration and honestly always have been."