Annie Guest: What We Know About Jamie Lee Curtis' Oldest Daughter

Jamie Lee Curtis has been incredibly vocal in her support of her daughter, Ruby Guest, since she came out as trans — but this Oscar-winner is a mama of not just one, but two. So, what do we know about the actor's eldest daughter, Annie Guest?

As many may know, both of the children Curtis shares with her husband of 39 years, Christopher Guest, are adopted. It's a fact the "Halloween" franchise star has long been open about. In fact, in 1996, she released a children's book geared specifically toward normalizing adoptive families. Speaking of the book, "Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born," at the time of its launch, Curtis told the Associated Press that she was compelled to write something more light-hearted than the typical "clinical" writings she had seen during her own journey with adoption. "This is certainly the first one that I've ever seen that deals with it on any level of humor, and also in celebration. Because I think most people talk about adoption in a really, sort of, quiet, hushed voice ... like they do about a bad illness," she mused. 

Suffice it to say, silence certainly wasn't the case for Curtis and Christopher when they adopted Annie. As she revealed in an excerpt on "Larry King Live," after receiving the call that their baby girl was born, Curtis "screamed" with joy. Annie's arrival was celebrated, for sure — but more than 30 years on, what do we know about her today?

Annie Guest has her own career in showbiz

Back in 2006, a then-20-year-old Annie Guest made her debut in the film industry as an assistant on her father, Christopher Guest's film, "For Your Consideration." However, unfortunately for anyone hoping the foray into film would mark yet another generation of the famed Hollywood family, it would also be her last. 

Having said that, Annie has nonetheless gone on to build a performing arts career of her own as a dancer. More specifically, she serves as one of the co-directors of MNR Dance Factory's MNRDF team. Annie goes way back with the company, to say the least. As they pointed out in a 2017 Instagram post, she first joined at 8 years old. By that point, she was already a skilled dancer, having taken her very first class five years prior. The company also noted that, at just 16, she had begun teaching dance ... and that she ultimately got her degree in the discipline. 

To say that Jamie Lee Curtis has been an avid supporter of Annie's passion from day one would be an understatement. In fact, in one installment of Maria Shriver's "Architects of Change," Curtis offered a sweet shoutout to the company's founder, Roni Black. "A fantastic role model for young women... and old women!" she gushed, referring to the impact she'd had on both Annie's life and her own. Talk about mother-daughter-dance teacher goals!

But the flashing lights aren't for her

Annie Guest may be a performer, but it's pretty clear that she's not about the flashing lights of Hollywood. 

Case in point: while her younger sister, Ruby Guest, has done interviews with Jamie Lee Curtis in the past, Annie has typically kept to herself. Sure, she's been present for some of Curtis' biggest moments, like premieres and award ceremonies, but when it comes to her personal life, she remains mum. In fact, speaking of mums, it's thanks to Curtis that fans have seen some of the few snippets we do know about Guest. Take, for example, her wedding a few years back. In an Instagram post featuring pictures of herself with her daughter, as well as Annie with her dog, Curtis shared a glimpse of the nuptials, which she deemed "a spectacular celebration." Neither the bride, nor groom, was tagged — and it seems that neither has an account (one using their real names, anyway). 

Staying true to her under-the-radar vibe, Annie said her "I do's" in a ceremony held at her parents' house. Considering her parents' Hollywood pedigree, and the royal ties from Christopher Guest's side of the family, she could have gone full-on Princess Bride. However, Annie isn't about that life. Hey — we're just happy to catch the glimpses where we can. 

Annie Guest is her mother's biggest supporter

Celebrity offspring Annie Guest made an exception to her aversion to flashing lights when she showed up hand in hand with her famous mom, Jamie Lee Curtis, and sister, Ruby, on the "Halloween Ends" world premiere red carpet on October 11, 2022.

While Curtis remained the star of the show in a sparkly red off-the-shoulder evening gown, Guest opted to wear a black strapless number complete with silver floral appliqués and long sheer black gloves while supporting her mother. Meanwhile, little Sis Ruby donned a silver and black dress with a fitted black jacket to boot to commemorate the moment. Clearly, the Guest girls understood the assignment!

Later, during a red carpet interview with Fab TV, the proud mama bear discussed how the importance of family paralleled in the film and in real life. "My family is here. I have a family. Laurie had a family," she explained on the red carpet. "These movies are about families. Families have shared them from years and years. People who were teenagers are now showing their teenagers. It's a beautiful linkage for me in every possible way." Here's to that!