Tisha Campbell's Sons: What We Know About Xen And Ezekiel Martin

This slide includes mention of domestic abuse allegations. 

"Martin" alum Tisha Campbell has often used interviews and social media alike to gush over her two sons, Xen and Ezekiel Martin. It's safe to say, she's one proud mama, and given what we know about them, it's not hard to understand why. 

As Campbell's fans will know, the actor shares sons Xen and Ezekiel with her ex-husband, Duane Martin. The former couple was famously embroiled in a nasty, years-long divorce, which saw claims of domestic abuse and legal issues stemming from financial mismanagement made extremely public. However, one thing that never waivered throughout the process was Campbell's love for her kids — or their love for her. In fact, Campbell has previously applauded them for their kindness and understanding of their new financial situation, post-split. Speaking to ET after her divorce from Duane was finalized, she struggled to hold back tears thinking about it. "The fact that I did raise children who didn't care about the big mansion I had, or ... that I had to start over, or any of it ... Oh, God, I'm not supposed to do this," she chuckled, blinking away tears.

The divorce is just one thing this mother and sons trio has gone through together, however. In fact, one thing we know about both boys is that they've had their mom in their corner, through all the highs and the lows — but always with enough space for them to be able to stand on their own, too. 

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support at their website.

Xen was diagnosed with autism as a baby

In a 2013 joint interview with Duane Martin on CNikky, Tisha Campbell revealed that their firstborn, Xen Martin was diagnosed with autism at just 18 months old. However, Campbell had a feeling something was up long before then. In fact, she shared that the doctor who made the diagnosis was the fifth they'd seen. That's not to say she reacted well to the news, though. Far from it, she joked that her reaction was a little all over the place: from cursing at the doctor, to physically running away from the appointment, to ultimately accepting that she needed to focus on finding the way forward.

Once she'd spoken with the relevant specialists, Campbell channeled all her energy into helping Xen work past some of the intense sensitivities he experienced as a result of the autism. As she shared on "The Real," she also wanted to do whatever she could to teach him independence. Clearly, Xen was aware of that, and she was overcome with emotion sharing a story about how he'd explained it to his younger brother, Ezekiel Martin. "He was like, 'Mommy helps us be independent, Zeke," she recounted, fighting back tears. 

Independence hasn't been the only thing he's developed, though. Speaking to Essence, Campbell revealed that despite being non-verbal as a child, today Xen believes he's overcome his diagnosis.

Tisha's relationship with Ezekiel is super playful

As for Xen Martin's little brother, Ezekiel Martin, he and Tisha Campbell have a lot of fun together. Case in point: In July 2023, she took to Instagram to poke fun at one instance when she forced him to put her lessons in independence to good use. As she explained in the video's caption, Ezekiel had asked to feed the ducks at a park, only to attract a flock of hundreds. "Baby, you on your own. Mama can't help you," she narrated as the birds closed in. 

Earlier on in the video, there was a hint at another gag between the mom and son, when Ezekiel called for help using the name, "Gina." As "Martin" fans will remember, Campbell played the role of Gina in the show — and in an episode of the "Jennifer Hudson Show," she complained in mock rage that Ezekiel had taken to calling her by the moniker. Campbell also joked that she allowed it purely because she didn't have the energy to fight it. "'Gina ... make me something to eat,' 'Gina, what you doing?' 'Gina ...' and I just answer, 'cause I'm tired!" she joked. 

That's not to say they don't have their tender moments, though — and at times, Ezekiel has proved to be beyond his years. As Campbell revealed on "The Real," Ezekiel once told her, "Mom, you are my safe place ... What 10-year-old says that to somebody?" Clearly, one who loves his mama!