4 Signs Travis & Taylor's Relationship Is More Serious Than We Thought

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's "Love Story" seems like something out of a movie. The rumored couple's relationship has only been going on for a couple of months, but could the Kansas City Chiefs star be "the 1" for the pop star?

Kelce was the one to spark the conversation around himself and Swift after he revealed in July 2023 that he attempted to shoot his shot at the musician. Kelce explained on the "New Heights" podcast, "If you're up on Taylor Swift concerts, there are friendship bracelets, and I received a bunch of them being there, but I wanted to give Taylor Swift one with my number on it." However, Swift was a bit occupied, and the friendship bracelet never made it to her. But this isn't where their love story dies. Little did he know that his confession would make his dream a reality.

Since her split from ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn, Swift has been single and ready to mingle, and Kelce put himself on her radar. A source close to the Grammy-winning singer revealed to ET, "She likes that he pursued her and it has been easy and exciting for both of them." The couple's relationship has been relatively playful as they have yet to put a label on whatever is going on between the two, but that doesn't mean they aren't genuine feelings. In fact, their relationship may be a bit more serious than you thought.

Taylor Swift has been public with Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce lets Taylor Swift be "Bejeweled." Swift has been extremely private about her love life for years until she and Kelce sparked their romance, which makes fans think this can go the distance.

In September 2023, after Kelce publicly invited the musician to his upcoming game, Swift took him up on the offer, per Today. The musician was spotted in Kelce's suite, cheering on the tight end. This brought newfound attention to the football star and those closest to him, but it didn't scare him off. Kelce is familiar with publicity, although maybe not to Swift's level and knows what it feels like to have eyes on him. This is something Swift struggled with when it came to her ex-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. A source revealed to People that the "All Too Well" singer and the actor's relationship was primarily during quarantine, so Alywn wasn't familiar with the immense amount of fame Swift holds. They shared, "He didn't really 'know' her yet outside of that bubble."

Kelce, on the other hand, doesn't seem bothered by the fame and attention that comes with being in a relationship with Swift. In a press conference a couple days after the September game, Kelce shared (via Billboard), "You've got a lot of people that care about Taylor, and for good reason." Swift attended a second game the following weekend, showing that she's not only willing to be public with Kelce but is serious about the potential romance.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are celebrating major life moments

As if Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce didn't seem compatible already, guess what year the Kansas City Chiefs star was born in — 1989. Just like Swift, 1989 is a special year for Kelce and he celebrated his 34th birthday on October 5, 2023. Although the "Love Story" singer skipped out on some of the birthday weekend events, like his game versus the Minnesota Vikings, she didn't miss all the celebrations.

According to Us Weekly, Swift opted for a more private night with the football star to celebrate the day after his birthday. A source told the outlet she flew from Nashville to Kansas City on Friday, October 6 "to see Travis." The couple reportedly had a "chill night" as they rang in the football star's 34th year. And it wasn't just on Friday that the two spent some alone time. Page Six reports that the Grammy-winning musician stayed for the weekend up until Kelce had to leave for his game on Sunday.

Swift's grand gesture to be with Kelce on his birthday weekend just goes to show how serious the two are becoming. And if this relationship continues, we can only imagine that the Chiefs star will do the same and be there for Swift's 34th birthday come December 2023.

Taylor and Travis' friends and family have mingled

Typically, it might be a month or two into the relationship until you meet your significant other's family, but with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, they jumped right into it.

When Swift attended the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Chicago Bears game in September, the musician met the Kelce matriarch, otherwise known as Donna Kelce, per People. The two cheered on Travis from the sidelines as they laughed and had conversations with one another. It seems like the "All Too Well" singer already has Mama Kelce's stamp of approval. A source told People, Donna "likes Taylor and thinks she's very sweet and down to earth." As if this didn't already show that Travis and Swift's romance is reaching new heights, well, the fact that the musician has collided both worlds has.

In October 2023, Swift attended her second Kansas City Chiefs game, this time with her entire posse of friends, per AP News. Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and so many more joined the musician to not only cheer Travis on, but also mingle with some of his close friends and family. Donna showed up and gave Swift a big hug as she joined the group of friends and family. Not just that, but Brittany Mahomes, who is good friends with Travis, was also seen hanging with Swift and her pals in the suite. The couple's friends and family clearly get along and that makes for a strong and serious relationship.

Travis has been protective over Taylor

Travis Kelce isn't messing around when it comes to his rumored new beau, Taylor Swift. In fact, the Kansas City Chiefs star was even willing to call out the NFL to protect Swift and her A-list friends. Kelce called out the league while speaking on the "New Heights" podcast and addressed all the attention the NFL has put on Swift. He shared, "They are not there to get thrown on the TV. You never know, you get caught throwing down a big old cheeseburger and you look like an idiot. There are certain things you just don't want to be on TV at all times." Kelce was referring to how the cameras have been heavily focused on Swift while she's attended the football star's games. Calling out the NFL is pretty bold and goes to show that Kelce isn't messing around with his newfound romance.

Kelce has been vocal about Swift and has wanted to protect her from all the attention. In September 2023, the NFL star shared on his podcast he wanted to move forward more privately with Swift. He explained the reasoning, saying, "I want to respect both of our lives. She's not in the media as much as I am doing this show every single week and having fun during the NFL season on other guys' shows." Kelce has always wanted to consider how Swift is feeling, and it just goes to show how much he cares about her.