What Is Emma Stone And Bradley Cooper's Real-Life Relationship Like?

Relationships between co-stars are almost always unpredictable. At the end of the day, they are just co-workers who don't necessarily have to like each other after the cameras stop rolling. Some actors end up forging enduring friendships on set, while others maintain civility until they have to move on to their next gig. And for Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper? The two have become thick as thieves.

Stone and Cooper's work on Cameron Crowe's "Aloha" — a film panned by basically every critic out there — served as the foundation of the pair's unlikely friendship. Cooper's character was initially on a quest to reclaim his former love, only to find himself falling head over heels in love with Stone. Off-camera, however, their interaction was minimal due to logistical challenges. "We barely saw each other," Stone told E! News in 2015. "We were at totally different ends of the island, which was actually kind of far." But a twist of fate drew them closer together when the end of Cooper's lease in his place in Hawaii led to an unexpected roomie situation with Stone. "I did live in your house the last week," he said. "We were roommates!" Stone added.

You'd think that that would be the end of their friendship, but over the years, Stone and Cooper proved us wrong. Despite having only worked closely together once, the two are still as close as ever.

Emma and Bradley clicked from the get-go

Some celebrity friendships are fake and performative for the sake of fan service, but you can count Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper out of that. They have been close thanks to their time on "Aloha," and their bond has never wavered since. Per Cooper, the time they spent on set was instrumental in helping their relationship blossom. "I got to know her so well. When you spend four months with somebody, especially if you're on location in an isolated area such as an island," he told MTV News, to which Stone added, "You're forced to get to know them or hate them. You either hate them or you know them and then you hate them," she quipped.

Clearly, though, they never once loathed one another, with the two making it a point to acknowledge each other in public events. And while they might throw playful jabs each other's way, they hold the other in high regard, with Stone even claiming that Cooper was one of the best leading men she's had, and that's saying something, considering she's worked with the likes of Ryan Gosling and Andrew Garfield. "He's [Bradley] pretty high up there. He's amazing. He's a really, really...he's an incredible actor," she shared with E! News. Their relationship has also evolved to a point where they treat each other as family. "He just feels like a family member," she added. "Like a brother or something."

They continue to be supportive of each other's projects

To this day, Bradley Cooper remains Emma Stone's "Coopsy Poopies!" While the two aren't as showy about their friendship compared to other Hollywood BFFs, it's pretty clear that they continue to cheer each other on through the years. They talked about it at length in their Variety's Actors on Actors feature, in which they discussed their work on critically acclaimed films "Maestro" and "Poor Things."

Cooper opened up the conversation by praising Stone for doing a bang-up job and recalling the time he immediately called her after seeing the film. "I was blown away. ... I'll never forget the FaceTime we had after I saw it," he said. "I love you so dearly as a friend, but to see you soar as an artist in this film, it was really moving. ... There's absolutely no one else who could have done that — like, ever."

It didn't take long until the conversation turned into a compliment battle, with Stone praising Cooper for executing the vision he had for "Maestro" years ago. Apparently, she already knew way back when that Cooper was taking on such a big project, that she couldn't help but tear up the moment she saw the final product. "To see that in the film years later, it was just so personally fulfilling to watch," she said. "My mother and I were an absolute wreck by the middle of the film, and so in awe of what you were doing." We love to see it!