The Rumor About Rose Hanbury's Lavish Royal Home That Is So Dark

Rumors that Rose Hanbury possesses rare, ancient Chinese artifacts are gaining steam. This comes amid a new round of rumors alleging that Hanbury, whose official title is the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, is the mistress of William, the Prince of Wales, and the thorn in Catherine, Princess of Wales' blissful marital garden. This set of rumors sprouted as Kate Middleton recovered from abdominal surgery, and before she announced that she had been diagnosed with cancer. Now, Hanbury, who's been happily wed to her husband and father of her three children, David Rocksavage, the Marquess of Cholmondeley for 15 years, has been caught up in another round of royal rumors.

Eagle-eyed Chinese fans on social media have begun to speculate whether the art featured in a 2013 Vanity Fair spread at Hanbury's home, known formally as Houghton Hall, originated from the Qing Dynasty in China through sinister means. "Unfortunately, people in China looked a little too closely at this photoshoot of the Marquis and Marchioness of Cholmondeley in their gorgeous stately home, and noticed that it's full of authentic Chinese furniture and [artifacts] that were stolen from China during the fall of the Qing dynasty, and they are pissed," tweeted user @sugabelly on X, formerly known as Twitter. At this time, there's been no confirmation that Hansbury and her family acquired the pieces through dishonorable means, but the rumors haven't helped Hanbury's reputation.

Did Rose Hanbury's family acquire Chinese artifacts?

Rose Hanbury, who's been given the brutal nickname of Camilla 2.0, is currently a trending topic, which means she's bearing the brunt of social media's ire. However, Houghton Hall, along with much of the art and furniture at the center of the rumors actually passed down through her husband's side of the family. The Marquis' grandmother, Sybil Sassoon, had ties to the art world that would've made it possible to acquire such pieces, per Vanity Fair. Whether that came through purchase or other unseemly methods is unknown. However, Time mentioned that the Sassoon family, who gained their wealth by trading opium and other valuables, peaked during China's Century of Humiliation, which saw the country robbed of many of its valuable possessions.

According to the Frist Art Museum, which has an exhibit dedicated to Houghton Hall — which was first built by Sir Robert Walpole, Britain's first Prime Minister — Sybil Sassoon filled the home with artwork in the 1900s. She acquired the pieces through relationships with notable artists and her art-collecting brother, Sir Phillip Sassoon, who lived from 1888 until 1939. According to London Remembers, Phillip had an affinity for English and French 18th-century art, although he also appreciated other art forms. So far, there's been no word on how the Sassoon family acquired the rumored Chinese artifacts in the photos, so the allegations of looting and unfair trading made on social media may be justified.

How Rose Hanbury feels about Houghton Hall

In March 2023, Rose Hanbrury bragged about her gorgeous English estate while speaking with The English Home. During the profile, Hanbury dished on living in Houghton Hall with her family, which they moved into after having kids, along with what goes into keeping the historic property in tip-top condition. Unsurprisingly, Hanbury failed to discuss exactly how she and her family acquired all of their art, but she did note that the home's staterooms are full of "fragile" textiles and furniture that they rarely use. 

However, Hanbury does enjoy making use of the property's existing catalog of pieces. "I go up to the attics all the time and find old curtains and things that can be given a new lease of life," she said. Hanbury also revealed that her husband held the superior grasp on art — so maybe social media should direct their questions bout the controversial artwork to the Marquis. 

Although Hanbury has been quiet on this particular front, she's already proven that she's no shrinking violet. In addition to sending Stephen Colbert a cease and desist to squash the affair rumors surrounding her and Prince William (after he joked about the allegations during an episode of his late-night show), she also denounced the speculation that they've been romantically involved. While speaking with Business Insider, Hanbury's legal team said, "the rumours are completely false."