Violet Affleck's Voice Is A Dead Ringer For Mom Jennifer Garner

Violet Affleck has people doing a double take, and it's not just because she looks exactly like her mom, Jennifer Garner — it's because she sounds just like her, too!

In early April, all of Ben Affleck and Garner's kids attended the funeral for the "13 Going on 30" actor's father. Just days prior, Garner revealed she'd suffered the immense loss after her father, William, died at age 85. She shared a heartfelt tribute on social media, but during the funeral service, it was time for her kids to honor their late grandfather. Each of Garner's kids took to the podium for a brief introduction to different religious proverbs.

Being the oldest of the Affleck bunch, Violet was the first to take the mic, but honestly, it could have been Garner for all we know. If you weren't watching the video, you would think it was the "Family Switch" actor because she sounds exactly like her mom. In a now-deleted livestream, Violet began by saying, "Hello, I'm Violet Affleck. I'm reading verse six." She then read her proverb which said, "Through love and faithfulness, sin is atoned for through the fear of the Lord, evil is avoided." Violet's younger siblings, Fin Affleck and Samuel Affleck, followed their big sis, but people couldn't get over how much Violet sounds like her mom, and we all know that's not where the similarities end.

Violet Affleck is Jennifer Garner's clone

From her voice to her looks, everything about Violet Affleck screams Jennifer Garner. (Sorry, Ben Affleck!) Over the years, Violet has had quite the transformation, but now more than ever, she looks like a clone of her mom. While the Affleck kids don't often make public appearances, the eldest of the bunch accompanied her mom on a dinner date at the White House in 2022. It was like seeing double because Violet looked like her mom's twin! Violet was dressed in full glam for the special event wearing a black v-neck dress with patterned hearts all over it. Garner also wore a black dress to the event, making it difficult to tell the difference between the two.

Not only are Violet and Garner each other's twins, but the two are incredibly close. The "13 Going on 30" actor often shares her admiration for her daughter and all she's done. While appearing on "Live! with Kelly and Mark" in November 2023, Garner praised her daughter, as Violet was taking charge of dealing with the upcoming college applications and decisions she had. She said, "I'm not having to say, 'Are you doing this, are you doing this?' She's a self-starter. And I'm just proud of her no matter what." Garner and Violet clearly have a special bond that is truly unbreakable.