Taylor Swift May Hurt Travis Kelce With These Tortured Poets Department Lyrics

Taylor Swift's "The Tortured Poets Department" album has seen her make digs at Kim Kardashian, Joe Alwyn, and Matty Healy, but there's a possibility her new bae, Travis Kelce might be a little wounded by her latest offering, too. That's because "imgonnagetyouback" sounds like she's thinking of rekindling something with an ex. But also, maybe not. It all depends on how you interpret the phrase, "I'm going to get you back."

"imgonnagetyouback" opens with Swift hinting at an ex-lover giving her hints that he's interested in trying again. "I can tell when somebody still wants me, come clean," she sings (via Genius). Swift makes a reference to herself not being totally over the past fling, either. As she notes in the post-chorus, "You'll find that you were never not mine." Obviously, that might not be the greatest thing for Kelce to hear — especially with him and Swift in the midst of such a public romance, and him even reportedly having serious baby fever

Having said that, it's pretty obvious from "imgonnagetyouback" that the situationship described isn't exactly an ideal one. Far from it, it's pretty evident the dynamic is toxic, and throughout the track, Swift points at her mixed feelings, too. Kelce, you might just be in luck — if there was anything to worry about in the first place. 

'imgonnagetyouback' could mean more than one thing

"imgonnagetyouback" certainly can come across as though Taylor Swift is hatching a plan to get back together with a former flame. However, it also points to her wanting to get someone back — aka, exact some kind of revenge on them. The real takeaway of the song is that she's not quite sure which of the two she'd be happiest with, just yet. 

The chorus of the song sees Swift muse, "Whether I'm gonna be your wife, or / Gonna smash up your bike, I haven't decided yet" (via Genius). To that, she adds, "Whether I'm gonna curse you out, or / Take you back to my house, I haven't decidеd yet." Either way, she continues, she's bound to get the man in question back in some way or other. 

Though the conflicted feelings continue throughout the song, one thing that is abundantly clear is that in this situation, Swift is in the power position. As she points out in the second verse, "I can take the upper hand and touch your body / Flip the script and leave you like a dumb house party." Hopefully, for Kelce's sake, that means she'll opt for the latter. As for the ex-boyfriend in question, unless it's one of our favorite Swift exes ... best of luck. 

Taylor makes specific mention of a new relationship

If "imgonnagetyouback" did sting Travis Kelce, we're guessing the lyrics in the song's bridge would probably be the worst offenders. After all, in that final portion of the song, Taylor Swift acknowledges being with someone else, but still having the conflicting feelings. 

"Push the reset button, we're becoming something new / Say you got somebody else, say, 'I got someone too,'" she sings (via Genius). Which — yeah, yikes. However, there's another twisted glimmer of hope for Kelce yet, as she continues, "Even if it's handcuffed, I'm leaving here with you." Small wins ... right?

In fairness, there are very few clues who Swift is singing about in the song. Given just how obvious she's been in her digs at exes Joe Alwyn and Matty Healy, we'd say there's a possibility "imgonnagetyouback" chronicles a relationship she had years back, and that the conflicting feelings have long since been resolved. Alternatively, it also gives off "Blank Space" vibes, which Swift revealed in a 2016 appearance at the Grammy Museum was based on a character, and not a real relationship she'd had. In fact, she joked that the real meaning behind "Blank Space" was to poke fun at her being framed as, "The psycho serial dater girl" (via Taylor Swift). "imgonnagetyouback" could certainly pass as a return of that character – meaning Kelce has nothing to worry about.