Cosmetic Dermatologist Tells Us The Likely Procedure Behind Tom Brady's Divorce Glow Up

Tom Brady hasn't just been sitting around moping post-Gisele Bündchen divorce. Apart from officially retiring from the NFL (for good this time), he's kept himself preoccupied with globetrotting with his kids, co-hosting a podcast, partying with Leonardo DiCaprio on a yacht, working on his activewear brand, posting his first-ever thirst trap, and snapping up stakes in various sports teams like the Las Vegas Raiders, WNBA's Las Vegas Aces, English soccer club Birmingham City, and even an E1 series team. He's also got himself a girlfriend, although his romance with Irina Shayk reportedly didn't last long. And apparently, he's also been keeping up with appointments with his plastic surgeon — at least according to a cosmetic dermatologist.

The football legend's post-divorce glow-up did not go unnoticed by fans. While some celebrities let themselves go post-split, Brady is looking better than ever. Is it all natural? Or does he rightfully deserve the nickname "Botox Brady" fans branded him with? Per Dr. Salar Hazany, Beverly Hills board-certified dermatologist, the fans are probably right on the money. In an exclusive commentary to Nicki Swift, he suggested that Brady might not be a stranger to nips and tucks. "Although Tom Brady has always been a handsome and healthy gentleman, there are some possible signs that he has had both non-surgical and surgical treatments to preserve his appearance," Hazany said. "If you pay attention to where his ear lobe connects to his face, you will notice very subtle changes that may appear similar to those who have had a lower face/neck lift procedure."

Tom Brady might have gone under the knife

While practically half of Hollywood is scooping out their cheeks with buccal fat removal, Tom Brady has apparently opted for an entirely different procedure. Dr. Salar Hazany points out that Brady might have taken a surgical route to keep his jawline game strong. Hey, there's no shame in the game here!

"It is very hard to demonstrate the changes with words, but if you look at the triangular-shaped cartilage (the tragus) in the front of the ear where the ear meets the face, you will notice the difference in the before and after," Hazany exclusively told Nicki Swift. "In the after, the tragus is pulled forward, making it more visible when looking at Tom in the frontal view."

And, of course, let's not forget the fillers. Getting dermal fillers is pretty much a requirement for celebrities at this point, and Brady is no exception. You've got to do what you've got to do to remain youthful, you know? "There is a high likelihood that Mr. Brady had some hyaluronic acid filler in his cheeks to replace the natural fat that we all start to lose in our thirties and beyond," Hazany explained. So, while the nickname "Botox Brady" has a certain ring to it, it looks like "Filler Brady" might be the more accurate nickname!

Could it just be due to his strict diet and workout routine?

Even with our expert weighing in, Tom Brady might still attribute his youthful vibe to his insane health and fitness regimen. As a bona fide health nut, Brady is notorious for his rigorous lifestyle, which might be doing just as much for his post-divorce glow-up as any cosmetic enhancement.

For starters, he makes sure he gets his beauty sleep — lots of it. He revealed in his "The TB12 Method" book that he wakes up at 5:30 am every day and makes sure that he's snugly in bed by 8:30 at night to ensure a 9-hour shuteye. He also chugs water like a madman, downing up to 37 glasses per day.He clocks a ton of hours at the gym to stay in good shape and keeps his diet relatively junk-free, although he's known to indulge in a good slice of pizza on occasion.

Post-divorce life has seen the athlete drop some weight, but he also chalks it up to a less stressful lifestyle now that he's off the NFL grind. "I'm actually very fit right now," he shared on his "Let's Go!" podcast (via Yahoo! News). "I haven't had the stress that I had while I was playing so that's allowed me to focus a little bit more on my physical health ... You could prioritize a lot of other things ... but at the end of the day, physical and mental health should sit at the top of the pyramid."