This Country Star Got Totally Shaded At The 2024 ACM Awards & We're Not Surprised

An awards show is never really an awards show without someone throwing shade, and the 2024 ACM Awards is no exception. While the Academy of Country Music Awards isn't historically known as a roast fest, there are still some occasional digs here and there. This year, Morgan Wallen just so happens to be on the receiving end of some good ol' country trolling.

The culprits? Actor Noah Reid and singer Ashley McBryde, who took the stage to announce the winner for single of the year. Adding a unique twist to introduce the nominees, the pair broke out in a song, with McBryde strumming the ukulele for good measure. Reid sang a cheeky rendition of Wallen's "Last Night," cleverly referencing the infamous chair-throwing incident that got Wallen in hot water with the public — and the law. "Last night after some alcohol, the chair right over there really started to piss me off," Reid crooned. "They told me that I threw it at somebody I never met, and my publicist keeps telling me this ain't over yet."

The audience erupted in laughter at the shade-filled serenade, appreciating the humor in the moment. But fans online? Let's just say that they're less than thrilled. A number of Wallen's fans rallied to his defense, arguing that the jab was uncalled for. Wallen wasn't in attendance at the awards show, after all.

Many fans have come to Morgan Wallen's defense

Morgan Wallen's fans are nothing if not fiercely loyal, and their reactions to the 2024 ACM Awards prove they're ready to defend their idol against any slights. While the Wallen shade at the ACM Awards was in good fun, fans were not pleased. Some thought it was completely unnecessary, while some speculated that the awards show might have a vendetta against him due to past controversies — especially the chair incident.

"Nah cuz why aren't we talking about how Morgan wallen got blackballed by the ACM awards bc he went to jail," one tweeted, with another saying, "What a joke! The blatant disrespect for the biggest artist in country music is ridiculous! And I'd say that if I wasn't a @MorganWallen fan. How do you deny the numbers this man pulls?! You're ridiculous #acmawards." Some fans even believed that the ACM had deliberately snubbed Wallen because of his stint in jail. "I do think that the members overlooked @MorganWallen on several of his nominations tonight because of the chair incident! Shame on them!" they said.

History repeats itself, they say, and for Wallen, this isn't his first rodeo with ACM controversy. In 2021, the Academy had barred him from the show after he was caught on video spewing a racial slur. Though he was welcomed a year later and was even handed the album of the year award, this year's shade-throwing may suggest that their relationship might still be on shaky ground.

Morgan admitted that he's 'not proud' of the infamous chair incident

In fairness to Morgan Wallen, he hasn't shied away from admitting that his recent run-in with the law wasn't exactly his finest hour. In case you made it this far without knowing about the chair incident, the singer was arrested in April 2024 for allegedly hurling a chair off a bar rooftop in downtown Nashville, with the chair reportedly narrowly missing some police officers. The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department announced on X that he was arrested on three counts of felony reckless endangerment and one count of misdemeanor disorderly conduct. He was also slapped with a hefty $15,250 bond.

After his arrest, Wallen issued a public apology on X saying that he felt remorseful. "I've touched base with Nashville law enforcement, my family, and the good people at Chief's. I'm not proud of my behavior, and I accept responsibility," he wrote. And while he's facing felony charges, he assured fans that his tour won't be affected by his legal trouble.

As of this writing, the case is still not solved. Per AP News, Wallen opted out of a May court appearance, pushing the hearing to August 2024. If found guilty, he could end up behind bars, but a lawyer said that it's highly unlikely. "I seriously doubt how he would get consecutive time," criminal defense attorney and legal expert David Raybin told People. "I don't want to minimize it, but still, he probably would not be eligible for consecutive sentences. It's probably a maximum of two years assuming he was not put on probation."