The Rumor HGTV's David Bromstad Has A Twin Brother, Debunked

Don't be fooled by claims that David Bromstad has a twin brother. While this is one rumor that just doesn't seem to go away, this HGTV star is without a twin — though we have a pretty good hunch as to why some may question that.

There's a decent chance that the twin rumors began as a result of Bromstad's head-turning transformation. After all, when he first joined the cast of HGTV's "Design Star" back in 2006, he was a fresh-faced ex-Disney employee with very few visible tattoos. Fast-forward more than a decade, and the "Design Star" winner couldn't look more different. For starters, he's sporting facial hair now, and that's played a very big role in his changing look. He also has very prominent tats right up to his neck. Adding to that, Bromstad has also come into his personal style in a big way, and his flashy outfits of today are a far cry from his button-downs of yore.

In light of all that, it seems those behind the twin rumors have seen old pics of Bromstad juxtaposed with more recent ones and figured they weren't seeing the same person. Perhaps the shy twin brother versus the more out-there HGTV star. However, they were wrong because Bromstad doesn't have a twin.

David and his older brother probably could pass as twins

Another theory as to where the twin rumor originated is the fact that David Bromstad does have a brother, and they do look a lot alike. Granted, we think you can spot a slight age difference, and their coloring is completely different. However, we wouldn't be shocked if many believed they were fraternal twins. 

David is the youngest of four siblings, with two older sisters, Dynelle and Dyonne Bromstad, and a brother, Dean Bromstad. While he certainly seems to keep himself out of the public eye compared to his younger brother, Dean does make the occasional appearance on his family's Facebook accounts. And, as seen in several of the pics uploaded to the platform by their father, Richard Bromstad, there's definitely a strong resemblance between him and his HGTV star younger brother. Of course, Dean seems to have inherited their dad's lighter coloring, with blue eyes and light brown hair, while the HGTV personality certainly has their mom's darker hair and eyes. Even so, their smile, eyes, and even face shape are nearly identical. 

In all honesty, put Dean in a bright outfit with some fabulous giant pearl necklaces, and we may start questioning their twin status, too! Even so, these two are just brothers. 

David Bromstad is super close with his family

So, David Bromstad doesn't have a twin. Nevertheless, he's super close with the siblings he does have. In fact, he's made no secret of the fact that he loves any opportunity to hang out with his (again, non-twin) brother and their sisters.

For starters, there are the family holiday pics. David's dad, Richard Bromstad, has shared a number of family group pics to Facebook over the years, and based on the smiles all around (as an aside, that Bromstad beam HGTV fans have fallen in love with is definitely a family trait), it's pretty clear that even as they get older, this crew loves spending special occasions together. That was also evident in Bromstad's "My Lottery Dream Home Holiday Extravaganza," which saw Dyonne and Dynelle Bromstad help him decorate his home for Christmas before their parents came in to see the finished product. Who could forget the adorable moment when the Bromstads present realized they were all in color-coordinated looks without planning to be? Unfortunately, Dean Bromstad wasn't present for the occasion — but something tells us if he had been, he would have been clad in a red and white outfit with nods to their Scandinavian roots, too. 

Regardless of what prompted the rumor of David's twin, it's sweet to know that he's got a crazy close bond with his family. Here's hoping we get to see more of the whole brood in the future!