Celebs Who Are No Longer Friends With Ivanka Trump

Having grown up in the spotlight, Ivanka Trump spent many of her formative years on the A-list. However, playing an active role in her father's political career didn't exactly do her social life any favors. On the contrary, a number of famous faces have distanced themselves from her — and some haven't exactly been quiet about it.  

Many may remember that in the years before Donald Trump's presidential campaign and subsequent presidency, Ivanka was pretty revered in fashion circles. As a former model-turned-fashion-designer, she was a big name in the industry, and it seemed even Anna Wintour was pretty enamored. After all, the Vogue editor-in-chief once personally reached out to Ivanka to offer her a position at the fashion mag. She opted not to take the job, but even then, Wintour remained in her corner, and Ivanka became a Met Gala regular. 

However, in the years since her dad's political career began, there's been a marked shift in public perception of the former first daughter. For one, Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner were snubbed for the 2021 Met Gala. Wintour has also been pretty vocal in her dislike for Donald's administration, even going so far as encouraging Vogue readers to vote him out. Granted, Wintour didn't name Ivanka herself, but given that she played an active role in her father's presidency, well, we'll just read between the lines. 

Ivanka Trump and Karlie Kloss aren't photographed together anymore

As sisters-in-law through their marriages to Jared and Josh Kushner, there was a time when Ivanka Trump and Karlie Kloss were photographed hanging out together. However, let's just say those days are gone. 

Despite previously being snapped together at the 2016 U.S. Open, and Ivanka sharing a gushy Instagram comment congratulating Kloss on her engagement to Josh and noting how excited she was for them to be family, you'd be hard-pressed to find any recent pictures of them together. In fact, it's been said by those in the know that Jared and Ivanka didn't even attend Karlie and Josh's celeb-filled wedding weekend, other than stopping in right at the start. And, more recently, it seemed the two models avoided being photographed together at the uber-exclusive Ambani pre-wedding they both attended.

Tbh, the fact that Karlie and Ivanka may have a rocky relationship isn't exactly shocking. After all, Karlie was incredibly outspoken in her criticisms of Donald Trump during his presidency (which, again, Ivanka and Jared were involved in). Even more pointedly, though, in the wake of the storming of the Capitol in 2021, Karlie called out anyone who supported it. And, once pressed by an X, previously Twitter, user who urged her to speak to her in-laws, she responded, "I've tried." Big yikes!

Chelsea Clinton wants nothing to do with Ivanka

One public figure whose less-than-friendly stance on Ivanka Trump probably won't come as a surprise is Chelsea Clinton. Despite Chelsea and Ivanka being friends for years, the 2016 election put considerable strain on that relationship. Ironically, though, Chelsea told "Today" that her frustrations weren't based on Donald Trump's attacks on her mother, Hillary Clinton.  

In a 2020 interview on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," Chelsea explained that her issue with Ivanka was that she'd chosen to be involved in her father's presidency, which she characterized as hateful. "I don't think they're the same by any standard, but I think she's more than complicit, as anyone who has worked for him for so long, by definition, is, and I don't want to be friends with someone like that," she said. 

Two years later, she doubled down on that in another "WWHL" appearance. Asked by Cohen if she and Ivanka had been super tight prior to the election, Chelsea explained that while they were never so close that they'd go to one another for advice on major life decisions, they had been good friends. "And then, she went to the dark side," she joked. The women haven't spoken to each other since 2016. 

We doubt Emmy Rossum hangs out with Ivanka anymore

Another star who seems to have stopped hanging out with Ivanka Trump since her father's presidency is "Shameless" alum Emmy Rossum. As some may recall, Ivanka and Rossum were pretty tight back in the day — and in 2011, Rossum even some one of the former's jewelry collection for a red carpet appearance. Ivanka also revealed just how close they were in 2013, when the actor interviewed her for Hamptons magazine. In the interview, Ivanka had mentioned that she loved hosting those she was close with, and included Rossum in that inner circle. 

Unfortunately, as with many of her celebrity friends, Ivanka's friendship with Rossum took a back seat when Donald Trump became president, and we're not shocked. As Rossum shared in since-deleted posts to X, then known as Twitter, in the wake of the election results, she received several antisemitic messages from Trump supporters. "Trump supporters are sending me messages threatening to send me & my 'ilk' to the gas chambers ... NOT OK," she wrote (via CBS News). 

In light of all that, it's no wonder Rossum hasn't been seen hanging out with Ivanka in more recent years. She's also unfollowed her on Instagram. Perhaps Ivanka continues to have hope for their friendship, though, as she still follows the actor on the platform. 

Ivanka and Jared were shunned from their local country club

In addition to the stars who have distanced themselves from Ivanka Trump, in the immediate post-January 6 period, other members of the upper crust also made it clear that they'd rather not associate with the former first daughter. In fact, one insider from the Indian Creek community Ivanka and Jared Kushner moved to claimed that they'd have a tough time getting into the local country club. 

Speaking to Page Six, the unnamed source explained: "You have to be nominated and make a formal application. But it only takes one member to object against any new member, and many members are objecting, particularly after the events at the Capitol on Jan. 6." Talk about getting off on a bad foot with the new neighbors. In a decidedly spicy aside, the source added, "Jared and Ivanka can lunch with their fellow 'patriots' at Mar-a-Lago." Ouch. 

As for who might have objected, we doubt we'll ever have access to that information. However, one big name who owns not just one, but two homes in Indian Creek happens to be Jeff Bezos. Given Bezos' longtime tension with Donald Trump, we wouldn't be shocked to hear if he wasn't a massive fan of Ivanka, either  —but that's just speculation.  

Ivanka may make her way back onto the A-list

In spite of being something of a social pariah in the aftermath of her father's presidency, it seems as though Ivanka Trump may be slowly re-joining the A-list. For starters, she was invited to Kim Kardashian's birthday party in October 2023. She was even included in Kardashian's Instagram photo dump — and in a pic that included Lauren Sanchez, no less, so perhaps Jeff Bezos didn't have a problem with her, after all. 

It's possible that Ivanka breaking rank with her family may have something to do with her re-entry to society. As some may remember, in February 2022, The New York Times revealed that Ivanka volunteered to speak with the committee investigating the Capitol attack. More specifically, she actually claimed in those talks that in her capacity as an advisor, she'd urged Donald Trump to intervene earlier, but to no avail. In a very uncharacteristic move, Donald seemed to take a swipe at Ivanka in retaliation, insinuating that she wasn't dialed in to her position anymore, at that point. 

Whether Ivanka's apparent distancing from her dad has prompted more stars to hang out with her again, or whether her laying relatively low after leaving the White House played a role, she's certainly taking small steps back to the A-list. That said, we're not banking on all of her friendships being easy to rekindle in the years that follow.