Kristi Noem's Hair Transformation Gets Brutal Reviews From The Internet

If there's one thing to know about Kristi Noem, it's that she cares about optics. A lot. Never mind that she admitted to killing a puppy and practically nuked her chances of being handpicked by Donald Trump as his running mate. It's pretty clear that Noem is obsessed with her image, at least in the physical sense. But her latest aesthetic decision? It got folks doing a double take — and not in a good way.

Over the years, South Dakota's first female governor has gone through quite the transformation to the point that she had been subject to rampant plastic surgery rumors. As The New York Times pointed out, her hair choices have been, err, interesting. She's rocked everything from the Rachel Green look from "Friends" to a style reminiscent of Kate Gosselin from "Jon & Kate Plus 8." Recently, though, she's been all about looking prim and proper, never seen without her expensive coordinates and flowy, curly locks, not one hair out of place. "She practically looks like a member of the Trump family," Republican strategist Ron Bonjean told the outlet. "Maybe a cousin."

In her most recent TV appearance for "News Nation," though, which she probably filmed from her shady (and reportedly costly) TV studio, Noem decided to switch things up with her hair. Instead of sporting her hair down with the usual curls, the politician decided to do an updo — and let's just say that her look was not well-received by viewers.

Fans are not loving Noem's updo hairstyle

On June 5, 2024, Kristi Noem made a guest appearance on NewsNation to discuss her controversial memoir, but viewers fixated on something else entirely. Many unleashed their inner Joan Rivers to critique her hair, a high ponytail a la Ariana Grande with some curled curtain bangs. To top it all off, she wore a pair of dangling earrings that did nothing to save the look.

In a post sharing a snippet of the interview on X (formerly Twitter), fans (or should we say haters?) did not hold back with their criticism. "What's up with the 70s prom hair and swinging balls on her ears?" one fan tweeted, with another saying, "Boy oh boy. What a hair style. Looks like you had a rump in the sack look. Or were you crying from murdering your puppy who failed at hunting." Some also took aim at her comments on the show about her pandemic policies, suggesting her hair was affecting her cognition. "Kristi seems to suffer from memory loss. Imagine its from the weight of that f***ing hair on the top of her head," they wrote.

With all this shade, it's pretty clear that Noem is no longer in the public's good graces, and unfortunately for her, doing damage control and shaking up her style won't make Donald Trump pick her as a VP candidate, either. "She is of no use," Scott Jennings, a former President George W. Bush political adviser, told Politico. "What does she bring? The possibility of weirdo drama. That's it. She appeals to no constituency Trump doesn't already have."