Violet Affleck Kisses Messy Ben & J. Lo Drama Goodbye With Ivy League Aspirations

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez just can't seem to shake the rumors that their marriage is in trouble, but one person who just isn't here for the drama is Ben's daughter, Violet Affleck. We mean that literally: she's headed for Yale — in other words, far, far away from her famous family members. 

Reports of Violet heading to the Ivy League institution first emerged after her high school's Instagram account shared a group pic of their graduates posing in their college sweatshirts. Though Violet is pretty low-key in the pic, her statuesque height (and, y'know, being mom Jennifer Garner's twin) doesn't exactly lend itself to blending in. And, sure enough, she's rocking a navy sweatshirt bearing the name "Yale."

At the time of writing, it's yet to be confirmed what Ben and Garner's eldest child is planning on studying at the prestigious university. However, one thing we do know is that she took charge of her applications. As Garner shared in a 2023 appearance on "Live with Kelly and Mark," Violet did it all on her own, without the need for parental nagging. "She's a self-starter," beamed the proud mama. Taking responsibility for her future aside, we're pretty sure Violet is pretty happy about her decision now. After all, the explosive rumors about her father and stepmother are heating up, so making herself scarce as media speculation intensifies is bound to be a perk.  

Violet's graduation was all but overshadowed by the drama

That Violet Affleck may not want to be around as split rumors plague her dad and stepmom isn't all that far-fetched. After all, who would want to cope with all that speculation in the heart of celeb-ville? What's more, there's also an added layer to this for Violet. As many will remember, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez' behavior at Violet's graduation drew a ton of media attention to the couple. 

Violet isn't the only Affleck kid to have had school events turned into a media field day, either. Back in May 2024, Ben and Jen arrived in separate cars for a school play featuring Ben and Jennifer Garner's youngest child, Fin Affleck. Even more recently, they arrived separately yet again for Samuel Affleck's graduation from elementary school. Granted, we're giving the couple major snaps for showing up for the kids (in fact, Lopez' kids were in attendance for the graduation, too), even amidst of the possibility of drama. However, we're willing to bet the constant paparazzi presence probably isn't the easiest thing to deal with. 

Of course, neither Ben Affleck nor Jennifer Lopez have actually confirmed if they are facing difficulties (though the fact that they're selling their marital home is pretty damning). As such, there's a chance the couple are okay, and consistently arriving separately is merely down to logistics. Nevertheless, if Violet's choice to move across the country has been influenced by all the attention, we certainly wouldn't blame her.