Inappropriate Outfits Lauren Boebert Has Been Caught Wearing

Peppered among Lauren Boebert's most controversial moments are some poor fashion decisions — and they go far beyond tugging a MAGA hat down over her brunette waves. The Republican congresswoman from Colorado has apparently learned something from Donald Trump about the importance of brand recognition, as she's adopted a uniform that she often wears when meeting with constituents. It's a bit like a mullet, but it's business up top and party on the bottom: a blazer, skinny jeans, and high heels. If she wanted to hit the local bar with some gal pals after pandering to voters, the conservative firebrand could just whip off that blazer and fit right in with the other patrons.

Boebert's wardrobe also includes plenty of fitted dresses and skirts, a detail that did not escape the notice of her fellow Republican politician, Rep. Richard Holtorf. While running against Boebert in the GOP primary for Colorado's 4th Congressional District, Holtorf channeled the late Joan Rivers at her wickedest during a 710KNUS radio interview. "You know what I see about two blocks up from the state capitol? I see women dressed like Boebert. High heels, short skirt, low-cut blouse," he said (via the Toronto Sun). "And I won't tell you what they're doing but it's nothing you can talk to your grandmother about." Attacking Boebert's apparel was not a winning tactic for Holtorf, who got trounced by the "Beetlejuice" fan. While Holtorf's fashion policing was a bit too brutal, several of Boebert's outfits are deserving of scrutiny.

She turned her gun fetishism into a fashion statement

Lauren Boebert's favorite accessory is a gun holster strapped to her thigh, and you best believe that it's always occupied. When she poses for photos, she also strategically angles her body to make sure it's obvious that she's packing heat. As the owner of Shooters Grill in the aptly named town of Rifle, Colorado, Boebert required servers to wear guns slung from their hips. The gimmick gained the businesswoman national notoriety, so she adopted it when she hit the campaign trail. 

However, during a 2020 Flag Day celebration, Boebert apparently decided that simply wearing her deadly weapon was not enough to convey just how precious it is to her. On a T-shirt, she listed her priorities, making it easy for voters to understand where she stands on all the issues. "God guns Trump," it read. In the absence of commas, her list seemed more like an announcement that her heavenly father had just smote the former president in the most American way. It's also sad that she couldn't find room on that tee to advertise that her family members and other fellow Americans are important to her as well.

For Boebert, guns are so powerful that they could have rewritten the Bible. During a conference at the Charis Christian Center, she replied to Twitter users who asked, "How many AR-15s do you think Jesus would've had?" by saying, "Well, he didn't have enough to keep his government from killing him."

Lauren Boebert got overdressed for a photo op

In a series of photos that Lauren Boebert posted on Facebook in 2023, she's pictured meeting with workers on a construction site. Everyone is dressed casually in jeans and sturdy workboots except the congresswoman, who is wearing a blue sheath dress and strappy high heels featuring a colorful snakeskin print. In one photo, Boebert has her hand on her side and is leaning forward, as if it's painful for her to walk on the rocky gravel in her impractical footwear.

Some critics called Boebert out for choosing the wrong time to get glammed up for a photo op. "This ISN'T a Vogue fashion shoot Lauren," one Facebook user wrote. "Hahaha...when out in the field, dress the part honey," another advised her.

Lauren Boebert has bad luck with sheath dresses. In her memoir "My American Life," she recalls how excited she was when she got the opportunity to meet Donald Trump for the first time in person at Mount Rushmore. Unfortunately, she noticed that part of the hem of her dress had unraveled shortly before that magic MAGA moment. "That's when what I like to call my 'Rifle redneck instinct' kicked in," she writes. As she stapled that sucker back together, Boebert's ex-husband Jayson took photos to document her ingenuity. It's just too bad that her instinct didn't tell her to dress differently for her dusty meeting with some blue-collar workers.

Lauren Boebert's childish message dress

For a 2021 visit to Mar-a-Lago, Lauren Boebert greeted Donald Trump wearing a red mini dress with a large ruffle on the skirt and an asymmetrical neckline. However, its most distinctive detail was the phrase "Let's go Brandon," emblazoned on the back in white, with the name arching over Boebert's backside. She was likely trying to mock Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's controversial Met Gala dress, which had the words "Tax the rich" printed on it. "It's not a phrase, it's a movement!" Boebert captioned an Instagram photo of Trump grinning and flashing a thumbs-up while she turned toward the camera to give it an "Ain't I a stinker?" smirk.

But whereas AOC was challenging the rich to pay their fair share with her fashion statement, the sole purpose of Boebert's "movement" was just to insult Joe Biden in a childish manner; some of the president's critics use the phrase "Let's go Brandon" as a not-so-secret code meaning "F*** Joe Biden." One Instagram review of Boebert's look read, "Complete trash. Gross on so many levels."

At CPAC, far-right activist Lauren Witzke interviewed the designer of Boebert's dress, "Styled to Rock" star Andre Soriano. "I love planet Earth, and you can only do that in America," he said (via Patriot Takes). "...Keep doing what you want. There's not another place on planet Earth that you can do who you are as a person." Confusing, sure, but still a better message than Boebert's.

She admitted to buying counterfeit Trump merch

Remember when Donald Trump started selling gold sneakers to make a quick buck? Well, it seems that Lauren Boebert wasn't special enough to get gifted a pair of the Never Surrender High-Tops, nor was she able to snag some before they sold out online. After winning her primary race, Boebert gave a victory speech while wearing a little black dress and what, at first glance, appeared to be a pair of Trump-branded shoes. Her ensemble also included a white "Make America Great Again" hat with gold letters. But Boebert put her relationship with Trump at risk by committing a huge fealty fail with her footwear. "These are very China, but I'm okay with that," she admitted to Westword. "If I could've bought the OGs, I would have."

Boebert reportedly laughed when she confessed to giving money that should have gone into Trump's pocket to a Chinese competitor, and X users also found some humor in her ill-considered purchase. "The sneakerheads were quick to spot the fakes when they noticed the high quality of the shoes Ms. Boebert was wearing," read one tweet.

Meanwhile, Trump probably was not laughing. According to NBC News, the maker of the official sneakers, 45Footwear LLC, launched a legal crusade to shut down any counterfeiters selling fakes. Maybe Boebert did her boss a solid by passing along the name of the company that produced hers.

Was her 1776 shirt a secret message?

For most Americans, the number 1776 represents the date their country gained independence from Great Britain. However, as The Washington Post noted, it took on a different meaning during the January 2021 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Some members of the far-right who participated in the siege wore the date on their clothing, believing they were part of a new revolution. Lauren Boebert seemed to endorse this belief that day when she tweeted, "Today is 1776."

So, when Boebert wore a shirt with the number on it in 2022, she was possibly doing her best Taylor Swift imitation — if the singer were a right-wing extremist. Maybe Boebert was giving her supporters a not-so-subtle clue that she was on the side of the insurrectionists.

Boebert wore the potentially problematic garment while participating in a demolition derby. "Getting there ain't always pretty, but freedom always wins," she says in an Instagram video featuring footage of her ramming a battered pink car into other vehicles. It also has "1776" painted on its side. When the competition ends, she climbs on the roof of her junker to celebrate. However, some viewers were not impressed with her work. "Yes.. we know you love destroying things," one person wrote in the comments. Another message read, "Now miss girl you can't be team 1776 if you're against the thing this country was founded on."