5 Times Ivanka Trump Showed Off Her Killer Legs And Caused A Stir

When Ivanka Trump became a senior advisor to Donald Trump during his presidency, she dutifully tweaked her wardrobe for a political setting. This meant that she often kept her legs covered up in office-appropriate pieces such as trousers, pencil skirts, and sturdy sheath dresses. And for special events such as overseas trips, tea-length dresses struck the right balance between modest and sophisticated. But when her father was forced to vacate the Oval Office, the yardage of fabric in Ivanka's closet seemingly decreased. She began making the most of her freedom to dress how she pleases, and her love of making her legs the focal point of her looks soon caught the attention of the internet.

Ivanka doesn't want to be involved with her father's political future — and why would she, now that she can live her best fashion life? She also no longer has her eponymous clothing brand to scratch that sartorial itch, so she has to make the most of every opportunity she gets to use her own model-esque figure to make a style statement. "I always loved fashion as a form of self-expression, as a means to communicate either a truth or an illusion, depending on what kind of mood you were in," she said in a July 2024 appearance on the "Lex Fridman Podcast." Since moving to Florida with her family, Ivanka's skirts have possessed a brevity that might indicate that she's feeling a sense of liberation since starting a new chapter in her life.

The MAGA-red mini she partied in during Miami Grand Prix week

The Magic City was the place to be when the 2024 F1 Miami Grand Prix attracted a crowd of notable celebs such as Travis Kelce, Keke Palmer, Kendall Jenner, and Zayn Malik. Donald Trump even attended the race amid his hush-money trial. His daughter, meanwhile, put in an appearance at the exclusive Carbone Beach dinner party, where she walked the same red carpet as Kelce, his teammate Patrick Mahomes, and WAG Brittany Mahomes, who often sports ensembles that just don't work.

Ivanka Trump was no Brittany in her Magda Butrym minidress, which was a shade of red similar to that of her dad's MAGA hats. However, she didn't dare ruin her outfit with one of the divisive snapbacks. Her dress had wide halter straps, molded cups, and a daringly high hemline. Christian Louboutin sandals with nude straps completed her outfit and made her legs look longer than the straightaway at the Miami International Autodrome racetrack.

When Ivanka shared a photo of her outfit on Instagram, there were plenty of compliments buried among the comments criticizing her father and scolding her for failing to attend his hush-money trial. "I'd kill for those legs," one fan wrote, while another deemed Ivanka "Freedom Barbie." Forget those Trump-branded golden sneakers — the next time Donald needs a money-making scheme, Ivanka fashion dolls with Barbie-long legs just might be the million-dollar idea he's looking for.

Ivanka Trump showed off her stylish inheritance

Ivana Trump's final resting place is rather disturbing, so it's a good thing Ivanka Trump has a way to fondly remember her mother that doesn't require visiting Trump National Golf Club. In 2023, Ivanka proved that she got it from her mama by wearing one of Ivana's Bob Mackie minidresses to music mogul Myles Shear's birthday bash. The party had a roaring '20s theme, and the beaded fringe covering the white frock did give it a flapper vibe. However, the zigzag cutout on the stomach and the matching hem were totally '80s. For her footwear, Ivanka slipped on a pair of mirrored high-heeled sandals. Instagram photos capturing her dress' movement showed that it was an ideal outfit for dancing the Charleston in, and it was a hit with her fans. "You should model again! Amazing legs and so pretty like Mom!" gushed one admirer.

In a post on her Instagram Story, Ivanka wrote, "Swinging into the night in one of my mother's favorite vintage Bob Mackie Dresses," as noted by OK!. In 2002, Ivana wore the playful piece to Studio 54's 25th Anniversary Party, where she was joined by her daughter.

While Ivana was alive, Ivanka wore another of her Bob Mackie designs to two different weddings. According to USA Today, in a 2014 post on her Instagram Story, Ivanka admitted to borrowing the black, white, and gold minidress from her mother's closet without seeking permission. "It's a good thing she's not on Instagram!" she joked.

She fit right in with Kim Kardashian's crew

Ivanka Trump and Kim Kardashian are far tighter than many people realize. According to Salon, in a November 2023 Truth Social post, Donald Trump deemed Kardashian "the World's most overrated celebrity," but his feelings about his fellow reality show star didn't spoil Ivanka's relationship with the SKIMS founder. In fact, just one month before Donald shared his pouty post, Kardashian had invited Ivanka to her 43rd birthday party. When Kardashian was putting together an Instagram carousel of photos from the big bash, the former first daughter even made the cut. "So blessed to have hit the jackpot of friends!" the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star captioned her post.

The outfit Ivanka chose for the occasion wouldn't have looked out of place in Kardashian's spacious closet: a long-sleeved sequined crop top and matching skirt with a high slit that revealed a lot of leg. Together, the ivory LaPointe separates cost almost $1900. Ivanka's Christian Louboutin heels retailed for around $900 at the time, and she was getting her money's worth out of them — they appeared to be the same shoes that she wore with her red Miami Grand Prix week dress. The nude sandals gave Ivanka enough height to make the tops of her thighs reach Kardashian's waist, and unfortunately for the petite birthday girl, she sorta got overshadowed by her taller guest. "Ivanka out there looking like a super model," one of Kim's Instagram followers wrote. "Love Ivanka. Gorg," read another comment.

Ivanka Trump's dark date night look

Days before Stormy Daniels testified in Donald Trump's hush-money trial, Ivanka Trump stepped out in a slinky minidress that depicted a serene night sky. The midnight blue Clio Peppiatt design featured crescent moon and starburst appliques embroidered with shimmering beads, elegant draping on the skirt, and a corseted bodice. She completed her look with a pair of silver stiletto sandals that had a slim toe strap. Topping it off, she carried a matching metallic clutch.

Ivanka rocked the ensemble for another appearance at the Carbone Beach bash during Miami race week in 2024. Jared Kushner joined her for that particular outing, but he kept his look far more casual in dark jeans, a white T-shirt, and a lightweight navy jacket. Despite her daddy's legal drama, Ivanka was looking unbothered. Moisturized. Happy. In her lane. Focused. Flourishing — sometimes, untangling your fortunes from those of your father does a body good. On the "Lex Fridman Podcast," Ivanka said of how she feels about politics now, "There's a lot of darkness, a lot of negativity, and it's just really at odds with what feels good for me as a human being." What does feel good is apparently dressing up and getting the VIP treatment at a star-studded event.

Ivanka's online cheering squad was impressed with how great she looked in her little blue dress. "Stunning! Legs for days," remarked one admirer on Instagram. "She has better legs than Carrie Underwood!" another declared.

Riding waves keeps her in shape

While red waves may no longer be of concern to Ivanka Trump, she does love those of the blue variety. In June 2024, she showed off her wakesurfing skills in an Instagram video. She had on a dark one-piece swimsuit with a high cut, a matching ball cap, and a life vest. The "Women Who Work" author was so confident in her ability to remain on her wakesurf board that she briefly quit holding her arms out for balance to smile and blow the camera a kiss. "Go Ivanka! You look fabulous and you can really ride that board!" one of her followers marveled. "She looks amazing! It gets so hard to control weight as we Women age. Whatever she is doing; write a book!!" another fan commented.

On the "Lex Fridman Podcast," Trump shared that surfing is one of the physical activities that help keep her in such great shape, but she sometimes struggles with getting battered by the violent sea when she swims out from the shore to catch a wave rather than gliding behind a boat. "I've been stuck there while four, five, six waves just crash on top of your head, and the worst thing you can do is get reactive and scared and try and fight against it," she said. However, she's also found that surfing can be a rather peaceful practice. "It feels really beautiful with no noise, no chatter, no distractions, just being in the moment," she shared.