Here's Who Twitter Says Really Won The VP Debate

The jury is still out on whether Vice President Mike Pence or California Sen. Kamala Harris won the vice presidential debate on Oct. 7, 2020. There were plenty of memorable quotes and moments, to be sure — some of which found their way to merchandise on Etsy almost impossibly fast — but there was one moment that will be remembered long after the election and debate fades into America's rearview mirror.

Despite the jabs Harris and Pence traded back and forth and the attempts made by moderator Susan Page to reign them in, one participant stood out among the rest and won the debate in the court of Twitter opinion. You have probably heard by now that the star of the show was not a politician, but a little fly that landed on Pence's head for a little over two minutes as the debate wound down. The fly was the unexpected breakout star of 2020, with many on the internet saying it outperformed everyone else on stage.

The fly 'stole the show' at the 2020 vice presidential debate

Before the 2020 vice presidential debate was even over, the United States of Twitter had already declared the fly the big winner of the night. As of this writing, one tweet by Chase Stokes about the fly has garnered more than 25,000 likes. The Outer Banks star wrote: "That fly stole the show. Incredible performance." Dan Levy, writer and star of Emmy darling Schitt's Creek, concurred, writing, "Give that fly a SAG award." Another user suggested that Harris align herself with the fly, writing, "Kamala/Fly 2024."

Scott Hanson of the NFL Network summed up the vibe perfectly, tweeting, "Fox News says Pence won. MSNBC says Harris won. Twitter says the fly." Others suggested that the fly capitalize on its newfound fame and success, with one person sharing a photo of a fly beside a microphone, writing, "The fly on Pence head doing an interview for Ellen tomorrow." You heard it here first: if the political world doesn't work out for the fly, it can always move into the world of daytime television for the remainder of its two week lifespan.