Savannah Guthrie: How Much Is The Famous Journalist Worth?

Savannah Guthrie is best known as the co-anchor of NBC's morning show Today, but the veteran journalist has worn many more hats during her reporting career. She started out broadcasting local news in the 1990s after graduating from the University of Arizona with a journalism degree (per The Hollywood Reporter). The established reporter then returned to school to earn a Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University Law Center. She graduated magna cum laude in 2002, according to CheatSheet. "It was a gamble to quit this television career and start a new path and go to law school full time, because I wasn't sure I was done with TV," she told her alma mater. "On the other hand, I felt like it was worth the risk."

The risk was worth it, because Guthrie was able to utilize her legal expertise as a correspondent for CourtTV, which eventually led to her role of legal correspondent for NBC News in 2007 (per Business Insider). Now, the Daytime Emmy award-winning reporter is also a mom of two, wife, and children's book author.

With a successful career that only seems to be growing, one would think Guthrie is raking in the cash. So, how much is Savannah Guthrie worth?

Savannah Guthrie is reportedly worth millions

Savannah Guthrie's net worth is about $30 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. A huge chunk of that is from her Today salary, which is $8 million per year.

Despite her credibility and impressive resume, Guthrie is making less than half of former Today anchor Matt Lauer's salary, which was $20 million, per Business Insider. He was infamously fired in 2017 and replaced by Hoda Kotb, who makes $7 million per year, as Page Six reported.

However, the mom of two seems to be rich in family and life experiences, regardless of her paycheck. She owns two homes, including one in Rhinebeck, New York (per People) and an apartment in Tribeca, per Celebrity Net Worth. Guthrie and her former political advisor husband Michael Feldman bought the NYC apartment in 2012 for approximately $3.8 million, and it listed for nearly $6 million in 2017, according to The Observer. Guthrie spent more time in Rhinebeck in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, and she broadcasted from her house for Today. 

Guthrie has been transparent about becoming a mother in her 40s, but she said her journey has been a blessing. "I think there's a luxury to feel calm enough and not to feel the same pressures as in your 20s and 30s, when you are really trying to make your career happen," Guthrie told People. "Now, I can really take my time and enjoy our kids... We feel so lucky to have each other."