How Lori Loughlin Is Adjusting To Life In Prison

Lori Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli agreed to plead guilty for their roles in 2019's high-profile college admissions scandal, in which more than 50 parents — including Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman, who also served time in prison — allegedly paid bribes to get their children into university. "I made an awful decision," Loughlin told the judge following her sentence, as per People. "I went along with a plan to give my daughters an unfair advantage in the college admissions process. In doing so, I ignored my intuition and allowed myself to be swayed from my moral compass."

The Fuller House actress, who admitted to one count of conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud, must complete a two-month sentence in prison. Loughlin reported to the FCI-Dublin prison in California on Oct. 30, 2020, as per Deadline, and so far, her experience hasn't exactly been easy. In November 2020, Us Weekly reported she's been a "wreck," with sources saying, "Lori tried her best to be brave and look at the end result but there was nothing that could dissipate her fears." The insider added, "Her mind keeps telling her that something will go horribly wrong in prison or that her stay could be prolonged."

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Lori Loughlin had an emotional first night in prison

Nearly three weeks into her two-month sentence, a source close to Lori Loughlin has revealed how the actress is adjusting to life behind bars. Though she had an emotional first night in jail, she's reportedly determined to finish her sentence on a high note. "She was a little weepy on her first night there," the insider shared with People. "But she pulled herself together quickly. Now she's resolved to finish her sentence with her head held high."

Luckily, the Full House alum hasn't had any "specific problems" thus far. The source continued, "No one has tried any s**t with her. No one is bullying her." Apparently, Loughlin isn't getting any special treatment either. In fact, the prison guards treat the actress exactly like the other inmates.

After her sentence, Loughlin will need to complete 100 hours of community service and pay a $150,000 fine, as per Us Weekly. Insiders also revealed she hopes to be home by Christmas. If not, at least by New Year's, so she can begin the new year on a positive note. "She had everything in order, so she decided a couple of days ago to report to prison," the source explained. "She can put this behind her as she goes into 2021."

No special treatment for Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin isn't getting special treatment in prison just because of her celebrity status. In fact, her introduction to prison life began in solitude, in a way that was very typical of 2020. The former Hallmark Channel star was put in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to NBC News, after also being tested for Covid-19. The pandemic also means that Loughlin can't have any visitors while she's in prison, so she can only communicate with her daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose, through phone calls.

During her sentence, Loughlin will wake up at 5 a.m., same as everyone else, and wear khaki pants and a brown T-shirt, per NBC. She'll also have to participate in five inmate roll calls every day. Following her quarantine, Loughlin will be required to have a job, according to WHDH News Boston. Jobs vary from food service, plumbing, painting, or groundskeeping with a pay range from 12 to 40 cents an hour.

While all of this must be a huge adjustment for Loughlin, how are her daughters handling the situation?

Lori Loughlin's daughters were devastated

Because of the college admission scandal, Lori Loughlin was sentenced to two months in prison while her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, was sentenced to five months in prison, according to CBS News. However, Giannulli isn't beginning his sentence until his wife gets out of prison, according to E! News, so as not to leave their daughters alone.

Their daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose, are no longer enrolled at the University of Southern California, where their parents allegedly paid $500,000 to ensure their acceptance and falsely gave reports that they were slated to be part of the rowing team, per Elle.

While the whole family had plenty of time to mentally prepare for Loughlin's departure, it was hard on the two daughters. "It was a big moment for their family and everyone was very upset. Although the girls knew it was coming and have had time to prepare, it's still devastating to see their mom go," a source told E! News.

Though they're grateful Loughlin's sentence is only two months, Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose were, according to the source, very distraught.