The Iconic Song Dan Levy Is Named After

If you fell in love with Dan Levy — in a perfectly appropriate fan-like way, of course — while he was starring on Schitt's Creek, a show he also co-created, co-wrote, and produced, then you might also be curious about what he's like in real life.

"To say that Dan Levy sweats the small stuff is like saying the Kardashians dabble in money-making," according to GQ. "On the set of Schitt's Creek, he over-considers everything, from the magnets on the refrigerator to the way the motel beds are made to the degree the fibers on the carpets appear over-vacuumed." 

The actor himself explained, "In my head it's like, 'We should all know that they don't vacuum their carpets all the time.' These are lived-in carpets. We're in a motel. If we're going to vacuum the carpets, which I know has to be done, we also need to scuff them up a bit after." When it comes to his habit of (over?) thinking, he added, "That's the prison cell that is my brain."

Granted, there are plenty of other interesting details about the star. For instance, you might be curious about his relationship with his famous dad and Schitt's Creek co-star Eugene Levy or if he has someone special in his life. You'd surely also be interested to find out why he swore off reality TV, the touching story behind his Emmys outfit, and how much he's worth. And then there's the fact that he was named after an iconic song by one of the biggest music industry legends around.

Elton John loves that Dan Levy was named after his song

Dan Levy may have a name that's now easily associated with stardom, thanks to the fact that he shares his latter moniker with his dad, Eugene Levy. However, it turns out that his first name also has a connection to show business. That's because Daniel Joseph Levy was named after Elton John's song of the same name.

In fact, the singer admitted that the honor is one of the reasons he adores Schitt's Creek, which he called "a show with a big Canadian heart." While appearing virtually at the 2020 Emmys (via the Daily Mail), he explained, "Three things really made this show an all-time favorite of mine. ... One, they name-checked me in an episode. Two, I met the cast backstage at one of my shows in Italy. Three, I found out that Daniel Levy was named after one of my songs."

In turn, Dan and Eugene opened while chatting with Jimmy Kimmel about an encounter with Elton. The elder Levy recalled that after he and his wife bumped into the singer and his husband, David Furnish, while attending a Vanity Fair party, Eugene texted his son to find them. Although Dan wasn't able to track them down, he did later ask his dad what Elton thought when he was informed that the younger star was named after his song. Eugene admitted, "We didn't tell him that. We forgot." That's okay, though, because Elton has obviously been informed and is thrilled by that fact.