Bizarre Things Celebrities Bought To Keep Busy During The Pandemic

The boredom born from COVID-19 lockdowns got real — so real that people craved a return to their normal routine, including mundane activities, like commuting to work and dropping the kids off at school. 

So if everyday people miss doing everyday things, imagine what quarantined celebrities were missing out on. After all, they're used to spending much of their time doing what most people only dream about. Whether it's captivating an adoring audience from the stage, or working out with an exclusive personal trainer, some celebs had to get creative to scratch those luxury itches — and that meant buying some pretty odd items to occupy their time while at home.

A few of these items are strange for the sheer randomness of the purchase, while others seem to exemplify just how different life truly is for celebs. What, you don't gift your boys $100k asymmetrical trucks that look like something off a battlefield? Well, buckle up, because these are the more bizarre things that celebrities have bought during the pandemic. 

Kate Bosworth's quarantine workouts took an odd turn

Trying to maintain a sleek figure seemed to be high on many celebrities' priority list while quarantining, since Hollywood is known for it's attention to aesthetics. And based on their social media postings, some in Tinseltown have used traditional methods to stay fit, whether it's taking a hike on a sun-filled trail or jumping on a treadmill at home.

But Kate Bosworth showed herself using an incredibly unique workout device, one that fastens around her pelvis and has a ball that sits between her legs. She revealed the gadget early on in the coronavirus pandemic, posting a clip of herself awkwardly thrusting her hips while exercising. "At home fitness: I've got you by the ball," Bosworth joked in the March 2020 IG post (screenshot above).

For those scratching their heads in confusion, p.ball is an exercise tool that is used to tone one's "glutes, thighs and core," according to its website description. It's a part of P.volve, a series of workouts designed specifically for women to reach those hard to reach muscles. Other celebs that have used the p.ball include fashionista Olivia Culpo, who told the Evening Standard last year that she uses P.volve's training methods in her "hotel for 20 or 30 minutes and really get a good workout."

Getting a good workout may or may not be true, but many are bound to get a good laugh after seeing people use the weird looking device.

Scott Disick's odd portrait kept him company in quarantine

Anyone who's been watching Scott Disick knows that he not only enjoys the finer things in life, he also likes to show them off. Boats, vintage cars, private jets, you name it — photos of his luxury items are plastered all over his Instagram page for those of lesser means to salivate over. But there's a good chance there won't be a lot of people coveting the unusual portrait Disick posted in April 2020. It's not clear if he actually bought the image or if it was sent to him, but it shows him dressed in medieval wear, looking like he should be on a balcony somewhere speaking to his loyal subjects.

It seems that Disick wants to be considered royalty pretty badly, because while in London, during a 2012 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, he was knighted and officially given a Lord title. How did Disick pull it off? He did what any guy from Eastport, N.Y. with absolutely no royal lineage would do: He hopped on Google and found out how he could purchase the title. Disick has played with the Lord title since getting knighted, launching a web series in 2013 called Lord Disick: Lifestyles of a Lord. Plus, his Instagram handle is currently "letthelordbewithyou." And no, he didn't have a recent religious conversion if that's what you were thinking.

Jake Paul is apparently preparing for the apocalypse

The crazy antics of Jake Paul have gotten the infamous YouTube celeb and boxer labeled a menace by his Calabasas, Calif. neighbors. One neighbor even told CBS Los Angeles he hears "big loud explosions at night" on Paul's property. So imagine the neighbors' faces when they saw Paul driving around his yard in what's called an "Apocalypse vehicle," which is a souped-up jeep that sits on 54 inch tires and can crush most things in its path. 

He showed himself driving the insane looking vehicle on Instagram with his girlfriend Julia Rose riding shotgun. They drove the $100,000 truck over an old car that was parked in the grass. Paul said that he bought the truck on eBay and explained why he just had to have it. "'Cause the coronavirus is getting more serious," he stated in a March 2020 vlog post.

Besides the Instagram clip, Paul showed himself driving the truck on the road in his vlog, on a grassy hill, through heavy vegetation, and over a small brick wall. "You guys literally wonder why every single person on the block is putting their house up for sale, 'cause this kid up here, bro. This degenerate driving a tractor, jeep up the hill," said a passerby in the clip. According to Dexerto, the massive vehicle is said to be a converted 1947 Willys Jeep CJ2A with a beefed-up 815 horsepower engine.

Hannah Brown bought some superhero garb

Who needs to wait until Halloween to fulfill their superhero fantasies? Not The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown, who broke out a Supergirl costume for a backyard workout in March 2020 while quarantining with Tyler Cameron, the show's fifteenth season runner-up. They were both in Cameron's hometown of Jupiter, Fla. at the time, and not to be outdone, Cameron wore a Superman outfit.

There's an Instagram Live clip of both of them playfully competing for views. Then, they posed for a photo with friends Phil Fit and upcoming star of The Bachelor, Matt James. In the pic, Brown struck her best I'm going to save the world pose, throwing her balled up fist in the air while gazing upward. A second Instagram photo shows the 2018 Miss Alabama USA winner giving a come hither look to the camera, while Cameron, James, and Fit rest on one knee staring in awe.

Brown filmed the clip when she was living with the guys and others as part of The Quarantine Crew. That was until she packed up and headed back to her hometown of Tuscaloosa, Ala. to be with her family. The group posted workout and other videos on TikTok in the early months of the pandemic, but despite how much fun it looked like they were having, Supergirl and Superman had some super big problems and at times didn't speak to each other.

Safaree Samuels just wanted to do some cleaning

Here's the thing about rapper and reality star Safaree Samuels: He seems to love fancy, expensive things like a mother loves her child. Let's start with the fact that he's often seen in colorful mink coats practically year-round. That's if he's not shirtless for no reason at all. So some may find it strange that he was extremely excited about buying a Craftsman pressure washer during the pandemic. He posted an Instagram photo of the machine in July 2020.

The pressure washer is used for all kinds of deep household cleaning chores, as it emits soap and powerfully blasts it away thanks to heft of a gas engine. Samuels called the purchase "a dream come true," and said it's something that he "always wanted." But evidently, he didn't want it as bad as the mink coats, because he bought those first. 

There's a chance that Samuels was just in the honeymoon phase with the new mansion that he and his wife Erica Mena bought earlier this year. He posted a photo of the sprawling home to Instagram just a week ahead of the pressure washer post. And to keep the handyman flexes going, the day after the pressure washer post, Nicki Minaj's ex posted a video of himself using a hosing off a deck (above). And he was shirtless, of course.

Kanye West hooked up Chris Brown with a strange looking truck

Kanye West apparently felt that a weirdly-shaped truck was just what right thing to bust the quarantine blues, since he gifted one to Chris Brown, who then showed it on Instagram in November 2020. The Russia made vehicle is a Sherp ATV and appears to be the same type that was seen among a fleet West used for a promotional stunt in his hometown of Chicago in February 2020.

The $120,000 truck was delivered to Brown's home in Tarzana, Calif by West's manager Abou 'Bu' Thiam, which was captured on video. There was also some "exclusive" footwear inside the vehicle, and Thiam read a letter to the singer that was sent by West himself. "Congratulations to Chris Brown on 20 years in the game," it read. "You've overcome so many hurdles and obstacles. You deserve the recognition for all the hard work you've put in."

Despite Brown and West collaborating on songs, including 2016's "Waves," their relationship wasn't always peachy keen. In 2018, Brown blasted West when the rapper joined conservative commentator Candace Owens for an interview on TMZ and said that slavery in the United States for African-Americans was  "a choice." In a since-deleted IG post (via Capital Xtra), Brown called West "a clown" and said "he's on a path to destruction." In regards to the Sherp ATV, West also gifted rapper 2 Chainz with one in August 2020.

The pandemic revealed Laura Dern's love of Legos

Laura Dern may not have a bizarre looking truck like Chris Brown or Jake Paul, but she could've built herself one out of Legos if she chose. Although Legos aren't as strange as the p.ball that Bosworth got intimate with or as random as Samuel's nifty pressure washer, it still could be considered pretty offbeat. In March 2020, the Big Little Lies actress shared an Instagram photo of Lego pieces spread on the floor, which was later identified by her followers as the Lego Friends Lighthouse Rescue Center. Sometimes, it's all about simple pleasures, isn't it?

It appears the Legos were probably for Dern, not her children Jaya and Ellery Harper, who are ages 16 and 19 respectively. How do we know that? Well Dern has a history with Legos dating back to when the company released a Lego figurine of Dr. Ellie Sattler, her character in Jurassic Park. Then, in 2019, to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the film's release, Lego introduced an updated version of Dr. Sattler with its Jurassic Park T. rex Rampage set. On top of that, in 2017, Legos Dern's character Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo from Star Wars: The Last Jedi got the to figurine treatment.

Still not convinced those weren't toys for her kids? Dern also tweeted in 2017 about wanting yet another Lego figure of herself. "Wait, where's my Blue Velvet one?" she wrote, referring to her role as Sandy Williams in David Lynch's 1986 film. 

Offset beat back the bug blues with some blunts

Some may have heard the best way to keep sane while quarantining is to simply roll with punches. But rapper Offset decided to roll a long line of blunts instead, while sheltering indoors with his wife Cardi B in March 2020. Cardi shared a video of the Migos member in full rolling action, while expressing a combination of shock and disgust. "Look how bored he is," said the "WAP" rapper. "Look how many blunts he rolled already, back to back for no damn reason." 

Offset responded to his wife by saying there was "nothing else to do," so he would "get a little high" and "pre-roll" to ensure he'll be fully prepared to light up when he chooses. In all, Offset was seen rolling 15 blunts, which for those not in the know, are cigars that have the tobacco emptied out and replaced with marijuana.

Offset was also seen rolling up, then smoking in the front row of Prabal Gurung's runway show at New York Fashion Week in 2018, according to the New York Post. He was sitting next to Cardi at the time, who was sitting next to actress Laverne Cox, who was seated next to the former vice chair of Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign, Huma Abedin. 

Dennis Rodman got some Kanye merch

With Dennis Rodman being a polarizing figure when he played in the NBA due to his bad boy persona, and Kanye West also being an either-you-love-him-or-hate-him kind of guy, it makes sense that they would be chummy with each other. So maybe that's why in October 2020, Rodman wore a black hooded sweatshirt that read "Vote Kanye" that he showed on Instagram. But he didn't seem to buy the shirt, it was sent to him by the rapper, along with some sneakers.

Arguably, the most humorous part of the clip is Rodman repeatedly botching West's first name by calling him "Cayenne." Maybe the retired hooper had a taste for something spicy while making the video? Rodman also seemed confused about the "Vote Kanye" slogan, saying, "I have no clue what this is, man, what you're doing — running for president?" despite the fact that the rapper previously announced his campaign months earlier. 

Someone must have clued Rodman in after shooting the video, because the IG post's caption at least reflected an awareness of the presidential race. West,  who ran as an independent, received just 60,000 votes after being on the ballot in 12 states. But maybe Rodman will have the opportunity to wear the "Vote Kanye" shirt again, because after losing, the "Gold Digger" rapper indicated he would run again in 2024

Madonna's quarantine felt very old school

Madonna used some of her time during the pandemic to document her daily activities in something she called the "Quarantine Diaries." But there was no pricey laptop for the pop legend. Instead, she chose to use an old school typewriter to give updates, which she recorded on video. It's not clear if Madonna bought the typewriter just for quarantining or if she already had it. Regardless, she took the time to tell her over 15 million followers that she spent March 23, 2020 getting one hour of sunshine in a garden. She then played a vinyl recording of late trumpeter Lee Morgan.

One may notice in the clip that Madonna has pretty impressive typing skills, seeming to place her hands on the home keys, A, S, D, F, J, K, L, semicolon. She must've taken typing at Rochester Adams High School in Rochester Hills, Mich. back in the day or something. As for her thoughts on COVID-19, Madonna said it would "make [her] a more tolerant person," and that she "really miss[es]" interacting with live audiences.

The "Like a Prayer” singer continued her "Quarantine Diaries" until at least April 30, 2020. Some could easily debate about which is more bizarre: Madonna's commentary, the ancient looking typewriter, or that she chose to have people watch her diary entries instead of having them just read them somewhere. You've got to love the Material Girl.