Inside Love Island USA Stars Kierstan And Lauren's Rocky Relationship

Friendships can be tricky on Love Island USA. On the one hand, islanders develop a tight bond by hanging out in the villa together 24 hours a day — a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And on the other hand, they're all competing over the same romantic partners, so a little friction is natural, especially when multiple people find themselves interested in the same islander.

That's what happened with Season 2's Kierstan Saulter and Lauren Coogan. Lauren caused quite a stir when she first arrived in the villa, as the islanders couldn't help but gush over her looks. Even Kierstan's partner, Carrington Rodriguez, was impressed. Understandably, Kierstan got pretty upset at the prospect of Lauren potentially stealing her man. And unluckily for Kierstan, Lauren was definitely interested in him — she even picked him to go on a date when she arrived, per Heavy. Meanwhile, Kierstan's own relationship with Carrington was already on the rocks.

Despite that kerfluffle, Lauren ended up being abruptly dumped from the villa just a few days after she arrived. In the end, neither she nor Kierstan got the chance to end up with Carrington after all. So, where do Lauren and Kierstan stand now?

Kierstan and Lauren spent time together after Love Island USA

Kierstan Saulter and Lauren Coogan may not have seemed like BFFs in the Love Island USA villa, but at some point during or after the show, they apparently did develop their own friendship. 

On Oct. 2, 2020, after wrapping up the show, Kierstan Saulter traveled to California to meet up with Lauren Coogan and a few other pals from Love Island USA. She and Lauren were especially excited to see each other, as evidenced by a video that Kierstan posted of their meet-up. Kierstan opened the door to greet Lauren, and the two girls hugged and collapsed into a heap of excitement. "What you didn't see... I missed you with all my heart babe," Kierstan captioned the video. "Forever friend... I LOVE YOU!!" In addition to hanging out with each other, the girls also met up with Sher Suarez on a group trip that included Connor Trott, Mackenzie Dipman, and others from the show.

Given that Kierstan is also besties with the girl who Carrington Rodriguez picked over her, Laurel Goldman, it's clear that she cares more about her female friendships than fighting over a guy.