The Truth About The Bachelor's Pieper James

Season 25 of The Bachelor premiered on Jan. 4, 2021, and it seemed to be off to a solid start. Although first Black Bachelor Matt James admitted he was nervous, he quickly loosened up as he met his gorgeous suitors.

The cast has been hailed as "the most diverse cast ever" by Entertainment Weekly, and the first episode proved that. Matt's contestants are not just diverse racially, but also professionally, socially, and so on. For instance, Matt's first impression rose was awarded to Abigail Heringer, who quickly opened up to Matt that she is deaf. "I'm deaf, so I'm going to be reading your lips a lot tonight, but thankfully you have really beautiful lips, so I'm not complaining," she smiled, making Matt laugh. His cast includes people in all sorts of professions, from a flight attendant to a "Queen" who come from around the world. Three of his contestants are from Canada, while one woman traveled all the way from Ethiopia to fight for Matt's heart. 

There were definitely a few stand out women from the first night just from their entrances alone, i.e., Victoria Larson being carried in on a luxurious chair like the royalty she believes she is and Kaili Anderson arriving in lingerie in a robe. Another woman who stood out during Matt's Bachelor premiere was Pieper James, who believes she's perfect for the North Carolina native. Keep reading to learn the truth about The Bachelor's Pieper James.

Pieper James is ready for love and to stay a 'James'

Matt James hasn't revealed too much about what he is looking for in a woman, but Pieper James knows exactly what she seeks in a man. According to her official Bachelor profile, she "needs someone with confidence and someone who knows what they want in life because forethought is so important to her."

Forethought is not just important to Pieper but to her dad. "My dad always wanted my sisters and I to keep our last name, which is 'James,'" she told Matt on night one, per Elite Daily. "So, I'm very happy to be meeting you." It looks like signing up for The Bachelor was also a bit of a fate mixed with strategy. 

Clearly, Matt knows exactly what he wants personally and professionally. He is passionate about his formal job at real estate and investment firm CBRE and the organization he created, ABC Food Tours, which serves underprivileged kids in New York City. However, he previously admitted he has never been in love, so maybe Pieper can show Matt what he needs in that area of his life.

Pieper James has big aspirations

Signing up for The Bachelor when the leading man already shares her last name isn't the only strategy Pieper James has implemented in her life. She is an ambitious person and is working toward her second college degree. According to her LinkedIn, Pieper already earned a political science degree from the University of Oregon and is currently working towards her masters' degree in marketing from DePaul University. She also lists herself as "actively seeking career advancement opportunities" in the marketing field. It's safe to say that plan took a brief hiatus when she filmed The Bachelor

When she's not busy working towards her master's degree, the Oregon native is hustling as a model. Pieper is represented by Q6 Model & Talent Management and even landed a campaign with Nike. It seems that Pieper's mindset is to "Just do it" when it comes to her aspirations.

Will Matt James like Pieper James' independence?

Pieper James doesn't seem to be messing around with her career and her love life. Her official Bachelor profile describes her as having a "creative mind" and a caring soul who is ready to let someone in romantically. Although she places importance on spending time with her partner, the grad student, and model "very much values independence and having parts of her life that remain her own." Considering she is a busy student working as a model and Matt has a full-time job while running a charity, it seems like they both have the potential to enjoy their time alone while also building a relationship — if they end up together, that is.

Although Matt has kept his desires hush, his best friend Tyler Cameron hinted that Pieper's driven and compassionate personality might be exactly what he is looking for. In a June 2020 interview with host Chris Harrison that aired on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever (via Cinema Blend), Tyler shared that Matt probably wants someone who is like his mother. The former Bachelorette contestant described Matt's mom and dream woman as "very loving, caring, compassionate, willing to serve others, help out in the community, and someone that's ready to get on the ground with Matt and change the world." Pieper's ABC biography certainly checks off some of those traits!

Family is important to Pieper James and Matt James

Matt James demonstrated the tight bond he shares with his mother when he sought her advice during the season premiere of The Bachelor. Ahead of the premiere, he revealed to Good Morning America the best advice she gave him for his new journey. "I was raised in a Christian household, so a lot of what her advice was just to be prayerful," he stated. "Be prayerful about it and make sure that you're doing the right things. Just a mom thing to say. I'm like, 'Yes ma'am.'"

Pieper James also values family, sharing in her Bachelor bio that her favorite person is her grandmother, who she calls "Gram-cracker." Let's also not forget she's trying to obey her dad's wishes by not changing her last name upon marriage.

It appears that both Matt and Pieper could be a great fit. Viewers will have to tune in every Monday to ABC to watch their romance unfold.