The Transformation Of Guy Tang From Bling Empire

Bling Empire rocked Netflix in the best kinds of ways. We got glam, we got couture, we got mega SoCal real estate and, of course, lots of relationship drama. There's host Kevin Kreider, who's supposed to be the "average" person, but actually has a big net worth of his own, so much so that he had to respond to wealth reports.

Maybe our favorite was Anna Shay, who is the richest of the crew and definitely the matriarch of the bunch. There was the delightful couple, Jessey Lee, who got proposed to by his girlfriend, Cherie Chan. The other notable couple was Andrew Gray, the Power Rangers Megaforce star, who was in a tumultuous relationship with Kelly Mi Li. (Sidebar: We've got the scoop on their current status, too.)

One star who did not get nearly enough air time as he should have was Guy Tang, the musician and stylist who found a, err, "private item" in Anna's shower along with Kim Lee. Then it went flying out the window! So what's Guy's story? We've got the answers.

Guy Tang's move to Los Angeles was a big change

It's hard to tell what was better — Guy Tang's hair or his fashion. How about they both win? Guy is a hairstylist with a knack for coloring and regularly features his masterpieces on Instagram. He even has his own product line called Mydentity. But this is not all he does. Guy is also a recording artist. He has albums on Spotify and a booming YouTube presence, where he melds both of his passions with hair tutorials and music videos.

While we know Guy is on top of the world now, what was his journey like? He was not always a California star. In fact, he grew up in Tulsa, Okla., and felt like an outsider because of his sexual identity. "I had a hard time discovering my own sexuality because where I'm from those things were sins," Guy told Beauty Launch Pad in July 2020. In addition to coming to terms with his sexuality, Guy also grappled with being a Vietnamese and Chinese kid in an era where he did not see equal representation. "I had a double identity crisis," he told the outlet.

But Guy moved to Los Angeles in 2009 and that experience, plus his growing success in the hair industry, helped him come to accept and love himself. "You have to be happy before you can do hair successfully," Guy wisely said. He's happily married now and his husband supports his every endeavor. So is he happy? Um, honey, judging from those hair looks he has been posting, the answer is yes!