Inside Ryan Edwards' New Legal Battle

Ryan Edwards, the young father and eventual husband to Mackenzie Standifer in MTV's Teen Mom OG, is facing yet another difficult legal battle. According to the U.S. Sun, Edwards is being sued for reckless driving and causing a car accident in 2018. 

The reality TV star has a checkered history with arrest, drug addiction, and irresponsible behavior behind the wheel. Edwards was arrested in March 2018 for breaking parole after a 2017 charge for heroin possession. He was arrested again for heroin possession in July 2018, then pleaded guilty to a speeding charge after he broke parole again. 

His poor conduct was even captured in a season 6 episode of Teen Mom OG in 2017. In the episode, Edwards slurred his words and nodded off while driving with Standifer to their wedding. He denied her accusation that he took Xanax before the trip, but a week after the couple married, Edwards checked into a rehab facility. Though he checked out from that stint early, Edwards entered rehab again in September 2018.

His troubles clearly are still not behind him, and this newest accusation may prove even more difficult. Read more to find out what happened.

Ryan Edwards is being sued for $290,000 for causing a car crash

The U.S. Sun reports that Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards allegedly caused a car accident that injured Tennessee residents James and Janet Byrne. James Byrne is suing Edwards for "negligently and recklessly" rear-ending him while he was driving his pickup truck in August 2018 — right around the time of Edwards' stint of arrests. 

Byrne, who filed the complaint in July 2019, claims Edwards "violently" hit his car while he was stopped at a red light. He claims Edwards was driving too close to Byrne's truck and was distracted by his dog in the front passenger seat. According to court documents, Byrne was struck so forcefully that his head hit against the pickup truck's back window and broke it. Byrne is demanding a total of $290,000, to cover injuries sustained from the accident, as well as damages and loss of companionship for Byrne's wife Janet.

Edwards was unable to say whether Byrne had been stopped at a light or not, but he denies the claim and is requesting that Byrne demonstrate proof of his injuries and the loss of companionship to his wife. Whatever the ongoing case will show, it's clear that Edwards' legal and potential drug issues aren't totally behind him. We hope he's able to get the help he needs.