1 In 4 People Want This TikTok Star To Have Her Own Reality Show

The internet has given people a myriad of avenues through which to gain a fanbase online. These days, TikTok is all the rage, and seems to be pumping out social influencers like clockwork. From the "original queen of TikTok" Loren Gray to the D'Amelio sisters, it's been proven time and time again that creating content online is not just a hobby that can lead to fame, but a lucrative career in an ever-growing industry.

Gray — who started posting on the app Musical.ly in 2015, per Forbes – has transformed into a pop singer with more than 1.1 million monthly listeners on Spotify as of this writing. She also debuted her first jewelry line &always in late 2020. TikTok star Chase Hudson (a.k.a LILHUDDY), who previously dated Charli D'Amelio, released his first single in January 2021. Addison Rae Easterling was cast in a revamp of the iconic 1999 film She's All That in September 2020, making her the first TikTok star to lead a major studio film, per Variety. The list goes on and on.

Furthermore, in December 2020, the D'Amelio family gave their fans a holiday treat by announcing their reality show, which will premiere on Hulu in 2021. They're not the only social stars that fans want to see on their television screens, though. Nicki Swift surveyed 627 people in the United States to see who they think should get a shot at reality television. Keep reading to find out who voters found worthy of their own show.

People think this former dancer should get her own reality TV show

While social media allows fans to peek inside the lives of their favorite stars, some people want a closer look. In a survey run by Nicki Swift, respondents claimed they thought five people would fit perfectly in the reality television world. In fifth place with 10.53% of the vote is TikTok star-turned-singer Loren Gray. Right above Loren is Dixie D'Amelio with 11.48% of the vote. Luckily for her fans, their wishes will come true in 2021. 

Actress Sara Foster came in third place, with 13.56% percent of respondents wanting to see her on their screens. In second place is Louisiana native Addison Rae with 14.35% of the vote. A reality show starring Addison and her family has been speculated for quite some time, and fans think she teased a possible project in the works when she responded with a playful emoji to a fan who was talking about the possibility of a reality show (per Distractify). It looks like time will tell for that one. 

Taking the number one spot is JoJo Siwa, who received 25.36% of the vote. This wouldn't be the first time the teen sensation has been on reality television. She broke into the spotlight by appearing on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition in 2013. Since then, she has evolved into a role model to tweens and kids as Nickelodeon star, actress, and singer with a book deal, a hair bow line, and more.