Why Bachelor Fans Think Heather Martin Was Cut From Women Tell All

It's safe to say that Season 25 of The Bachelor has disrupted the ABC reality franchise forever. (SPOILER!) Bachelor Matt James has reportedly already broken up with rumored winner Rachael Kirkconnell, and longtime host Chris Harrison may be getting the boot. The dumpster fire that is The Bachelor has fans hooked — either as a guilty pleasure or to keep track of what's next for the dramatic rose ceremonies. 

Audiences have already picked their favorite contestants, and hope that one of them will end up as the next Bachelorette. One thing is for certain, though, surprise Bachelor alum Heather Martin's brief stint on the season ruffled more than a few feathers. While Matt didn't pick Heather to stay past one evening, the social media influencer was surprisingly a no-show for the highly-anticipated Women Tell All reunion episode ... or was she? 

Keep scrolling to find out why eagle-eyed Bachelor fans are convinced Heather was in fact in the audience at the Tell All, and what viewers think happened for Heather's segment not to air.

Fans are convinced Heather Martin was edited out of the 'WomenTell All'

It seems Heather Martin may have driven her white minivan all the way to the Women Tell All! Per People, Heather is visible "in certain frames" seated next to fellow Season 25 contestant Kit Keenan, "prompting viewers to wonder if she filmed a segment that didn't make it into the two-hour episode." A fan even snapped a screenshot of the brief cut showing Heather sitting in the back. 

Audiences flocked to social media to voice their outrage at the editing. "@BachelorABC why are you acting like we can't see Heather sitting back there next to kit?!?! why was she invited and then WHY was she cut?!" one person tweeted.

Even more suspicious? Official ABC press photos eliminated Heather from the group photos like the one seen above. In early February 2021, Matt James appeared on the Here For the Right Reasons podcast and said that he had "no relationship with" Heather prior to her showing up on The Bachelor. "I was just as shocked to see her as everyone else was when she arrived," Matt stated. And he certainly didn't have any sort of (aired!) interaction with her at the Women Tell All

No problem for Heather, though. The reality star is launching the brand Tilted Three with her two sisters. Who knows, Heather just might be done with Bachelor Nation once and for all — especially since she was seemingly edited out!