Wendy Williams' Embarrassing Moment Caught On Air Explained

Wendy Williams is known for being bold, and she never holds back with her daytime series. During the March 16, 2021 episode of the long-running show, Williams seemed to let loose in a way that immediately caused a stir across social media. The talk show personality seemingly farted and burped simultaneously, and ultimately, she didn't even try to deny it.

As Page Six detailed, the eyebrow-raising moment came while Williams discussed Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's divorce. Just as the host was dishing about Kardashian's potential new boyfriends, a loud, gassy moment caused a significant distraction.

Viewers caught the moment, and video clips of it spread across Twitter and other social media sites like wildfire. As soon as it happened while filming, Williams apologized to her live audience and those watching at home. Ultimately, the microphone caught this slip too clearly for Williams to really try to hide it or deny that people heard what they thought they heard.

Has Wendy Williams passed gas on-air before?

Wendy Williams managed to cover her mouth as she belched rather loudly (via Twitter). The follow-up fart came immediately after the burp, and at that point, all Williams could do was try to embrace the embarrassing incident. She looked down, away from the camera, and simply apologized twice quickly before forging forward.

There have been plenty of buzzworthy and strange moments on Williams' show since it debuted in 2008. This incident isn't even the first time she has allegedly farted on-air. Granted, she denied it when it seemingly happened in January 2020, also known as "fartgate" — she even claimed that she "barely farts." 

Previous personal challenges that Williams navigated publicly even led her to put her show on hiatus for a few months during Season 12. She was battling severe symptoms related to her Graves disease at the time, and those issues came shortly after her mother's passing. Williams also went through a very public split with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter a while back, so she is no stranger to generating headlines as a result of her private life. 

This time around, the burp and fart happened too suddenly and seemingly too loudly for Williams to try to put any spin on what went down. Despite the moment of embarrassment, her fans likely love her all the more for just embracing the uncomfortable incident and moving forward.