Deliciousness' Kel Mitchell On Working With Tiffani Thiessen & The Office's Angela Kinsey - Exclusive

Kel Mitchell needs no introduction. Having risen to stardom on the Nickelodeon shows Kenan & Kel and All That – not to mention appearing in the movie Good Burger – Mitchell is a household name who was even runner-up on Season 28 of Dancing with the Stars. That's why it shouldn't come as a surprise that the comedian is back with another hit TV show, this time on MTV. Deliciousness, a spin-off of MTV's super popular series Ridiculousness, is back for its second season. Mitchell returns as a panelist alongside The Office's Angela Kinsey, and actor and comedian Tim Chantarangsu, while Saved by the Bell's Tiffani Thiessen serves as the show's host.

The Deliciousness cast has great chemistry, and as Mitchell told Nicki Swift, "We were all fans of each other before we even met. And I knew Tim from Wild 'N Out. Of course, I've watched Tiffani for years, on Saved by the Bell and all her other great shows. And The Office, Angela, come on. So it's just been awesome." Much like Ridiculousness, Deliciousness sees its panelists react to some of the internet's funniest and most popular videos, the main difference being that the spin-off focuses on food-related content. 

Nicki Swift caught up with Kel Mitchell to find out about Season 2 of Deliciousness and what it's like working with such a fun team of celebrities on the show.

Kel Mitchell says the 'Deliciousness' cast is 'like a family'

If you're a fan of watching funny viral videos, then you'll love MTV's Deliciousness. And as Kel Mitchell told Nicki Swift, viewers are going to love Season 2. "I'm super excited about it," Mitchell said. "First of all, it's awesome to be back with Tim [Chantarangsu], with Tiffani [Thiessen], with Angela [Kinsey]. We're like a family now. We're just sitting on the couch, enjoying these amazing videos."

As for what changes viewers will see in Season 2, Mitchell revealed, "We also have games now that we're doing, which is pretty cool. I don't know if you've seen these cakes now, where they make them out of really cool stuff. You know what I mean? So the stuffed animal ... that'll look like a cake and then they'll have a knife and they'll go, 'When [we] slice through it, this is going to be a cake or just a stuffed animal?' ... And so, we have to guess."

It's clear that Mitchell is enjoying his new job on the MTV comedy series, as he explained, "It's a lot of fun games like that, that we've added to the show, animals doing crazy stuff with food. It's just endless. So I'm super excited. You all are going to enjoy it." And as it features such an incredible cast of comedians, Deliciousness is a must-see. 

Deliciousness returns for its second season on MTV on March 22, 2021, at 7/6c.