90 Day Fiance: The Truth About Julia's Plastic Surgery Rumors

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé are torn on Season 8 stars Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina. On one hand, the Russian go-go dancer and Virginia-raised farmer clearly love one another, as evidenced by Julia's Instagram account. On the other hand, Brandon is annoying and immature. Their mismatched drama on screen has led to audiences even deeming the 20-something duo the most insufferable of the season.

Julia butted heads with Brandon's strict parents over their house rules — which included sleeping in a separate room from fiance Brandon — but Reality TV World reported that the engaged couple tie the knot nevertheless. Now Julia is looking to enter the American workforce, per In Touch WeeklyThe brunette stunner took to Instagram to describe her varied job history involving waitressing, babysitting, instructing dance classes, and journalism. 

"I have always worked and tried myself in different areas, but since I have a diploma as a designer, I will try to advance further in this area," Julia captioned. Yet some fans believe Julia may have spent some of her hard-earned money to undergo plastic surgery. Keep scrolling to find out what Julia had to say about her cosmetic rumors!

Julia Trubkina denies going under the knife

90 Day Fiancé star Julia Trubkina is all about transparency. Her Instagram account goes all the way back to 2013, and the petite Russian dancer has looked the same for close to a decade. Of course, there are some skeptics out there. 

As reported by In Touch WeeklyJulia shut down plastic surgery rumors on Instagram Stories. "I think questions about Botox, operations are gone," Julia wrote under a throwback photo of herself as a child. "I have very beautiful parents and I have never had an operation to change my appearance." 

In fact, Julia's fear of doctors is prominently on display during Season 8. Brandon Gibbs' parents push Julia to get on birth control pills, but she is adamant about not taking unnecessary medicine and instead asks Brandon to wear a condom. Meanwhile Brandon boasts about their success with the pull-out method, per Screen Rant. Either way, it seems Julia wouldn't be opting into elective surgeries anytime soon!