Inside Seth Rogen's Struggle With Alcohol

The following article includes details of alcohol and drug consumption.

Seth Rogen may be known for being open about his enjoyment of marijuana, but the Knocked Up star is now opening up about his past struggles with alcohol. In fact, it was alcohol that actually led him to use drugs socially according to the actor himself. Rogen revealed to British GQ that, from age 13 to age 23, he drank "as often as [he] could without derailing [his] life in any meaningful way."

Yet it appears the Yearbook author did not like how drinking was making him feel. Rogen even questioned why he was doing it in the first place, saying, "Like, why am I getting blackout drunk at these things and hating myself the next day?" He added, "And I think I realized I had been lied to about alcohol and that it held a place in society for the wrong reasons."

Because of this, around 10 years ago, Rogen decided to cut alcohol out, aside from the occasional glass of wine at a restaurant, and use drugs recreationally instead. He explained, "The next day I don't have a hangover. I'm not throwing up." The Pineapple Express star has been very vocal about his love for drugs throughout his career. "Once I analyzed it consciously, I was trying to combat the stigma surrounding drugs, versus the stigma surrounding things like alcohol," he revealed.

Seth Rogen says drugs make him feel better than alcohol did

Superbad star Seth Rogen revealed that, after drinking as a teen and young adult, he decided that he would rather cut alcohol and use drugs socially instead. During a March 2021 interview, he told British GQ, "Once I grew more comfortable with doing other drugs that were more stigmatized and not worrying about damage in terms of anyone's perceptions of me, there was just a point where I realized I just need to be comfortable doing a quarter tab of molly [MDMA] at this party and not drinking and having a much better time." Rogen added, "Or eating a tiny bit of shrooms at this thing or having a [weed] lollipop."

Rogen continued to explain how he feels about certain drugs over drinking, saying, "it's just much better for me... Truly, you would be better off doing a hit of acid than drinking." The Neighbors actor even joked about how he would feel about a world without marijuana, saying, "It would be like saying you can't wear clothes anymore. It would be a real bummer." He continued, "It would make it really hard for me to do what I need to do in the world." 

Now, Rogen is taking his love for weed one step further by launching his own weed company called Houseplant. He will also continue to speak out against the stigma associated with marijuana. He explained, "The only stigma with weed is because it affects your brain. And people are just weird about it."

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