Jinger Duggar's Most Scandalous Outfits

Jinger Duggar followed her family's fashion rules for years, but when the "Counting On" star got married and finally got a closet of her own, she filled it up with clothing that did not meet the strict modesty standards set by her mother. While she did not exactly start dressing like Kim Kardashian, Jinger's new wardrobe was pretty scandalous for a woman with her extreme conservative Christian upbringing.

In a now-deleted TLC blog post, Jinger's mom Michelle Duggar revealed that the Bible served as her style guide. After scouring the scriptures for sartorial advice, she determined that women should dress in clothing that covered their bodies from "the neck down to the knee" (via InTouch Weekly). Michelle also decided that she "really should be defining who I am as a woman by choosing to wear dresses and skirts." Michelle passed her beliefs onto her daughters and four of them — Jinger, Jessa, Jill and Jana — shared that they were adhering to the same style guidelines in their book, "Growing Up Duggar" (via CheatSheet). They claimed that it was their choice to do so, but Jinger began making some bold fashion moves after she moved out of her parents' house.

Jinger Duggar's husband shows off her pink jeans and Nike shirt

In 2017, Jinger Duggar's husband, former professional soccer player and pastor Jeremy Vuolo, caused a full-on fan freakout by sharing an Instagram photo of his wife wearing pink skinny jeans and a Nike T-shirt. Café Mom described the pic as a "slap in the face" to Jinger's parents.

The sporty ensemble was not just a big deal because Jinger was totally rocking those forbidden pants. The "Nike" emblazoned on her chest also happened to be a word with a significant meaning to her family. In "Growing Up Duggar," she and her sisters revealed that they would say "Nike" to warn their father and brothers when a scantily clad woman was in the vicinity. The guys were then supposed to look down at their shoes to avoid being "defrauded." Michelle used her now-defunct TLC blog to explain that the definition of defrauding is "stirring up desires that cannot be righteously fulfilled" (via InTouch Weekly).

Now back to the pants. So if Jinger was always secretly a fan of bottoms with two leg holes, why did she wait so long to switch up her style? It could have had something to do with the Duggars' alleged belief that a woman's husband replaces her father as the "male authority" she's expected to submit to after she gets married. During a 2016 sermon, Jeremy said that it's cool for a woman to "dress modestly with a modest pair of pants."

Jinger Duggar's 'Pretty Woman' moment

Jinger Duggar's parents pride themselves on their frugality, but her choice of footwear in her husband's Instagram pic definitely defied her family's famous mantra: "Buy used, save the difference." According to Jeremy Vuolo, her black and pink Retro 7's were her first pair of Air Jordans.

In a 2020 episode of "Counting On," fans got a firsthand look at just how much Jinger's shopping habits had changed since she and Jeremy moved to Los Angeles. Instead of purchasing second-hand clothing at a thrift store, Jinger headed to Beverly Hills to shop at Boulmiche, the boutique famously featured in the movie "Pretty Woman" (via People). She fell in love with a $300 plaid blazer and the purchase seemed to surprise her father. "I've never spent $300 on one clothing item," he said in a "Counting On" talking head. "Must be one nice jacket."

The garment later appeared on Jinger's Instagram page. "The Hope We Hold" author was pregnant at the time, and she had paired it with a sophisticated black maternity dress. It's hard to believe she's the same Arkansas gal who once purchased a pair of used ballet flats for $1.

Jinger Duggar shows a lot of leg

After Jinger Duggar dipped her toes into a pair of trouser legs, it was not long before she was trying out all sorts of different pant styles — from ripped skinny jeans to comfy sweatpants. Just when fans were starting to get used to seeing her in pants, she managed to shock them once again. In June 2020, Jinger posted an Instagram pic of herself wearing a pair of blue athletic shorts that revealed a lot of leg.

Jinger's decision to partially bare her thighs was a big deal because Michelle Duggar once wrote that "God talks about the thigh being uncovered, and how that's nakedness and shame" (via Romper). Jinger and her mom finally had a heart-to-heart about her altered attire during a 2019 episode of "Counting On." Michelle explained that she had read a Biblical passage saying that a woman should not "wear that which pertains to a man." To her, this meant that she should only wear skirts and dresses (via Hollywood Life). Jinger also used religion to defend her decision to wear pants. "That's where the Lord's led me as of now," she said. Luckily, Michelle revealed that she's fine with her daughters having "different convictions" from her.

And how can Michelle deny fans what they want? Jinger might put on her pants (and shorts) one leg at a time just like everyone else, but her admirers seem to find it more exciting when she does it.