What You Didn't Know About Pink

Pink has certainly made her mark on the show business scene, specifically, the music part of the biz. As fans of the singer would surely be able to tell you, along with releasing hit songs including "Just Like A Pill," "What About Us," and "Get The Party Started" (as well as plenty of other crowd-pleasing, chart-worthy, and often emotionally revealing tunes), she's also embarked on headlining tours that have seen her traveling around the world, and earned plenty of top professional honors. At the same time, Pink manages to remain true to who she really is when it comes to how she wants to live her life both in and out of the spotlight, all while navigating an unforgiving industry that tries to force pop stars into money-making molds.

Frankly, this is one celebrity who isn't afraid to forge her own unique path (even when it's still a daunting journey) and that has definitely paid off for her. That's surely why the famous figure is also relatively open about various aspects of her life. From Pink's openness about raising her kids to be gender neutral to the "Try" singer's experience with COVID-19, she doesn't shy away from letting the public know all about her life even if they don't approve.

However, that doesn't mean that you know everything about the singer. For instance, check out the following untold truths about Pink that might surprise, entertain, and totally intrigue you.

Pink went from McDonald's to cooking retreats in France

If you ever feel down about the fact that you grind away at a day job or side-gig while pursuing your dream, then just remind yourself that plenty of super successful stars took on (what some would consider to be) less-than-glamorous jobs in order to bring in some money before hitting the big time. For instance, Eva Longoria, Gwen Stefani, and Jennifer Hudson are all celebs who have worked in the fast-food industry before making the A-List. Pink was also one of those stars.

It turns out that back when the singer was a teenager, the girl who was destined to be a celebrity might have served you a Big Mac and fries. "It was important to my family that I make my own money," she told Food & Wine in May 2017. She added, "I was a drive-through girl at McDonald's. I had a Janet Jackson microphone — I had power."

Things have certainly changed regarding Pink's culinary abilities. "I take cooking classes for vacation. Last summer I went to Les Prés d'Eugénie, [Michelin-starred chef] Michel Guérard's place in France, for five days. We made croissants and coq au vin." She also talked about being a vegetarian until she was pregnant, saying, "I haven't eaten anything four-legged or cute since I was 15. I had also stopped eating chicken, but when my daughter, Willow, was in my belly, she just demanded chicken wings and fingers."

The star proposed to her husband in an unusual way

Pink and her husband, former motocross racer Carey Hart, met at the 2001 Summer X Games in Philadelphia. While they dated for several years, she eventually decided to pop the question to him out of the blue in an incredibly unusual way (but one that suits this couple oh-so-perfectly).

While Hart was competing in a race in Mammoth, California, which took place at the Pro 250 class finals, according to PopSugar, Pink was standing with Hart's team in the "pit" when she held up a sign asking him to marry her. Unfortunately for the star, things didn't exactly turn out the way that she likely had hoped. Instead of immediately accepting her proposal, the racer passed her by the first time without giving her an answer. In fact, she later told "60 Minutes" (via CBS News), "He actually didn't look at the sign, he was just concentrating and doing his little thing. I was like 'Oh, that's a sign, I'm not going to do it again.'"

But she did, indeed, hold up it again and even added the word "serious" to her sign in case he needed a little extra assurance. That seemed to do the trick and on Hart's next lap, he pulled over and accepted her proposal. According to Us Weekly, a year later they said "I do" in Costa Rica. Granted, that doesn't mean that things have been smooth sailing for them since.

Pink and her husband wouldn't be together without therapy

Although they've been married for years, things haven't always been easy in Pink and Carey Hart's relationship. That's why — like other famous duos Beyoncé and Jay Z as well as Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard who have all been open about needing couples therapy — Pink has revealed what counseling has done for her marriage.

During an interview on "Today," the star has admitted that she and her husband separated for a time and almost divorced. Pink elaborated, "Carey and I have been in couples counseling almost our entire 17 years that we've been together. It's the only reason we're still together." She also pointed out that in a relationship it's important to communicate, even if it's not easy. "I think it's a partner thing, a spouse thing — you just speak two different languages," she shared during an Instagram Live conversation with her therapist Vanessa Inn, who she credits with helping her and Hart "translate" their feelings for each other.

Therapy definitely seems to be working for Pink and Hart, which she made clear in a sweet Instagram post on their anniversary in January 2020. In the message that was dedicated to her husband, she wrote, "It isn't perfect, but I'm grateful it's ours. I love our family. Thank you for walking in front of me, beside me, and right behind me at times."

Pink likes to get creative and crafty with her kids

Pink may be a superstar singer, but she also happens to be a loving mom. The celeb shares two children with her husband, Carey Hart, a daughter, Willow Sage, and a son, Jameson Moon. Although Pink certainly spends a fair share of her time focused on her highly demanding career, she also likes to spend plenty of quality time with her kids. Granted, what she does with her little ones is pretty different than what other parents get up to with their children. For instance, she's taken the kids on tour with her and has shown up to industry events with them. And who can forget the time Pink delivered an incredibly inspiring speech dedicated to her daughter?

On the other hand, Pink can also be a relatively normal mom and does things like getting caught up in creative projects together with her kids at home. Fans who follow the "So What" singer on social media might be aware of the fact that she's shown off the Pinterest-worthy candles that she made with her daughter Willow which were decorated with beautiful flowers and must have been a blast to create.

Unfortunately, Pink didn't do so well when she attempted to recreate a batch of decorative duck cupcakes with Jameson. Although they didn't exactly "nail it," they definitely looked like they enjoyed themselves (and enjoyed eating the treats) and that's what really matters when you're making crafts, cupcakes, and memories.

The singer's bulldog was a gift from Lisa Marie Presley

In 2005, Pink added an animal companion to her family when she got a bulldog from a friend. However, it wasn't just any pal that presented Pink with a new pet. It happened to be Lisa-Marie Presley, the daughter of the late king of rock 'n' roll, Elvis Presley. Of course, Pink gave the pup a perfectly appropriate name: Elvis.

Sadly, in 2007, Pink's beloved pooch died. A source told the Daily Star (via Digital Spy), "She popped out of the house for an hour, and when she returned he was dead." Beyond that, a report from Metro claimed that the dog had tragically drowned in the couple's pool.

According to Digital Spy, "Elvis [had] been like a child to Pink and husband Carey Hart," which is why she went all out and didn't "[cut] any corners when it [came] to seeing him off to doggie heaven." Indeed, the star "spent two solid days planning [a funeral for the dog] with Lisa." The event was so elaborate, that Hart apparently "joked that she didn't even put this much effort into their wedding."

Pink, who is a big lover of furry friends, has endured even more heartbreak over the years, losing another bulldog named Foxy Mamma in 2013 and saying goodbye to Frangelica in 2018. On the brighter side, in 2021, Pink and her family welcomed home an adopted puppy named Habañero Mountain Guy Kadashi to the delight of everyone.

Pink used to sell drugs and once overdosed

Pink has been open about the fact that she had a troubled life when she was younger. However, you might not have known that included a particularly dark time when her friend "Sekou Harris died of a heroin overdose when they were only 14," according to New York Daily News. To shed light on the tragedy, the singer wrote the song "Who Knew," with lyrics that hit hard, including, "Until we meet again / And I won't forget you my friend."

However, even the tragic death of Pink's close friend didn't stop the young teen from using drugs. She explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, "I was a hard-core partyer from 12 to 15. I was like a candy raver and I was on all the club drugs, selling Ecstasy and crystal meth and Special K."

In time, Pink's dangerous lifestyle eventually caught up with her, and she suffered an overdose on Thanksgiving Day in 1995. Later, she went on to say that after that moment, she "never took drugs again, ever." The pop star was lucky to survive the incident, however, her childhood best friend, Stacey Coffey, suffered a tragic fate as well, and was another person in her life who died because of an addiction in 2010, according to New York Daily News.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA's National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

Do you like Pink's tattoos? She doesn't

Pink got her first tattoo when she was just 12 years old. That first bit of ink was a Japanese kanji symbol for both good luck as well as happiness. She explained to the Independent, "My mom didn't know; she freaked out; she was always freaking out." To be fair though, if your 12-year-old came home with a tattoo it might warrant a parental freak out. But her mother seemed to relax a bit over time and the two eventually got matching ink.

As for the reasons behind the other designs in Pink's collection of body art, each one has a personal meaning to the singer. Some of her tattoos include tributes to her pets who have died, bible verses, a guardian angel with a shooting star (that she got when she was 15), as well as a matching "Tru Luv" tattoo with her husband, Carey Hart, and a heck of a lot more.

Despite so much time, effort, and money spent on decorating her body, Pink also admitted, "I don't like tattoos. If I had an eraser, whoosh." She added that while she "can explain every single one of 'em and have a good laugh," if she had the choice, she would "start over" and "do just one big back piece and have a clean [front]." She claimed, "I'm into balance." Unfortunately, a magic tattoo eraser hasn't been invented yet, so for now, hopefully, she can appreciate the nostalgia of her ink.

The pop singer started out in gospel, punk, and girl groups

Before finding her signature pop sound, Pink spent time experimenting with different styles. Indeed, if you knew her before fame found the singer, you might know that she sang with a gospel choir when she was 13 years old, and was then in a punk band before performing with an R&B girl group called Basic Instinct when she was 15. In a quote attributed to a chat Pink had with Julia Chaplin of Interview magazine (via Encyclopedia.com), the star claimed that she was kicked out of the group "because they were Black and [she] was white." However, she also noted that "the politically correct reason" that she was offered was that she "didn't fit in well in the photos."

Whatever the real reason was behind Pink being let go from Basic Instinct, it freed her up to join another act. This time around it was an all-female pop group called Choice, per VH1, which noted that one of their songs, "Key to My Heart," included on the soundtrack of Shaquille O'Neal's 1996 film "Kazaam." However, despite that, er, stunning level of success, the group, which was signed to LaFace Records, split when the label's head honcho, L.A. Reid, prompted Pink (who wasn't yet going by Pink) to go solo. Although she might cringe a little listening to her younger self, it was just another stop on her road to true and lasting stardom.

Pink's stage name comes from a Quentin Tarantino film

Prepare yourself for this one: Pink is not the singer's real name. We know, that's positively shocking! Instead, she was born as Alecia Beth Moore, according to Biography. When it comes to her stage name — which is actually stylized as P!nk — she says that it originated from a few different moments in her life. She told CNN (via Hollywood.com), "It's just a nickname that's been following me my whole life. It was a mean thing at first; some kids at camp pulled my pants down and I blushed so much, and they were like, 'Haha! Look at her! She's pink!'

Although that might be a mortifying memory, there are other layers to the Pink moniker. In 1992, director Quentin Tarantino released the film "Reservoir Dogs" which featured a cast of characters each with a code name. The young Moore was not drawn towards characters like Mr. White, Mr. Orange, or Mr. Blonde but instead to Mr. Pink, "the smart, sassy, smartass kinda guy, with the attitude," she told Iconic. The star added, "Me and all my friends were sitting around and we all kind of just dubbed each other and they picked me for Mr. Pink." However, per Biography, she got the name because her friends thought she looked like Mr. Pink (who was played by Steve Buscemi). No offense to the talented actor, but it's hard to imagine a teenage girl being thrilled with the comparison.

Smoking almost killed Pink's career

It's hard to imagine anyone not knowing by now how bad cigarettes can be for one's health. For example, superstar pop singer Adele, who was a smoker, told the Mirror in 2015, "If I'd carried on smoking I'd probably have died from a smoking-related illness and I think that's really bad." Um, yeah. Adele even had to reschedule a tour in 2011 because she needed surgery to "stop a recurrent vocal cord hemorrhage," according to Billboard. Yikes! On top of the seriously devastating effects smoking can have on health, it can also wreak havoc on a singer's career, as Pink knows well.

In Pink's case, she was warned by a good friend in the industry that her habit could have a dire professional outcome. In August 2017, the singer told KIIS FM's Kyle And Jackie O Show (via the Daily Mail), "I almost lost my voice from smoking cigarettes." She explained, "A very very dear friend of mine — Billy Mann — that I write songs with sat me down one day and said: 'You have a choice to make, babe.'" She then mimicked a "comically gruff voice," adding, "And I was like: 'It's really getting that bad is it?' So I quit and I went from sounding like a Golden Girl to sounding like Alvin and the Chipmunks!"

Pink luckily chose to butt out and quit smoking to help save her voice before anything really terrible and permanent happened to her valuable vocal cords.

The singer writes music for other major stars

Pink not only writes a lot of her own amazing music but she's also written plenty of songs that were picked up and performed by other big-time stars. The singer-songwriter follows in the footsteps of fellow artists who have written hits for other musicians, including Siam who wrote Rhianna's "Diamonds" and Pharrell Williams who was behind Nelly's banger "Hot in Herre."

According to Billboard, Pink, who is herself a three-time Grammy Award-winning artist, wrote, "Whataya Want From Me" which was released by Adam Lambert, "Outside of You" from Hilary Duff, and "Take a Picture" by Mya. But that's not all! If you have ever sung along to "If You're Gonna Fly Away" by Faith Hill, "Guns and Roses" by T.I., or "Recovering" by Céline Dion (which was about the death of the Canadian singer's husband, René Angélil), then you've also crooned along to a Pink-penned tune.

Dion opened up to Entertainment Weekly in July 2016 about working with the younger singer, saying, "Pink wrote me a song that I'm freaking out about ... You cannot be more excited than me, I'll tell you." She added, "I am thrilled not only because I am a fan, but because I know her personally and have met her a few times." That's some seriously high praise coming from the adored diva and might just have Pink tickled, er, pink at the opportunity to write more hits for even more artists in the future.

Cher inspired Pink's now legendary acrobatics

Along with being a singer and a songwriter, Pink was really into competitive gymnastics at a young age. In fact, she even had dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete, according to an interview with CBS News. Unfortunately for her athletic aspirations, she was apparently "kicked out of gymnastics at the age of 12 and decided to be a rockstar instead." While pursuing music definitely worked out for her, Pink's former experience with gymnastics wasn't totally left in the past. In fact, it's perhaps one of the reasons why she nails her incredible acrobatic routines which she incorporates into her live shows. Just take a look at her breathtaking performance at the 2014 Grammys, which was something that was actually initially inspired by the high-flying work from another huge star.

While attending Cher's "Farewell" tour, Pink watched the mesmerizing acrobatic silk work done during the legendary diva's show. In turn, she asked herself, "Why isn't a singer doing that? Why hasn't a singer done this? Why do they [the dancers in the show] get to have all the fun?" Pink went on to contact Cher's aerialist (because, you know, Cher has an aerialist) and asked her "Will you teach me what you do?" The rest, as they say, is history, and Pink's acrobatics are now part of her signature onstage style to the delight of her thrilled fans who get to watch her twists, turns, and fancy high-flying flips from below.

Pink's neighbors are Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Oprah

In 2016, Pink and her husband, Carey Hart, decided to put their family's $13 million Malibu, California house on the market. The six-bedroom residence which she and her husband had purchased in 2005 was described by Marie Claire as an "oasis," which apparently "includes access to a private beach and has its own pool and a cabana." Fabulous? Yep!

Fortunately, for the family that had to leave that wonderful abode behind, they had already picked up another home in Santa Barbara's Santa Ynez Valley area in 2013. According to Closer Weekly, they opted for the alternative residence because they "wanted a quieter life out of the spotlight with their two kids, Willow and Jameson." They might be out of the spotlight, but there are plenty of other celebs that reside in the Santa Barbara area, including Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres as well as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

As you might expect, Pink's newer house sounds just as amazing as the last place that she called home. Closer Weekly described the stunning property as having a "humongous pool, a spa, a separate patio area, and endless grass to run around on." Beyond that, it boasts "over 18 acres of vineyards." The star and her family seem to really be making the house a home as she told the Santa Barbara Independent, "We've put a lot of heart and soul into this place."

Pink has a lot of green

Pink has been rocking the music charts since her debut release in 2000 and has been raking in the big bucks ever since. In 2020, Pink ranked #57 on Forbes' Celebrity 100 Earnings thanks to the fact that she brought in $47 million in that year. The outlet also noted that in 2019, she was the highest-grossing act and brought in $215 million while touring.

But don't think for a minute that Pink has been selfish with her money, she has donated major funds to some great causes, including a $500,000 donation to Red Cross Los Angeles for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Forbes also noted that "Pink announced plans to donate $1 million to coronavirus relief" in 2020.

However, the generous star also faced potentially pricey lawsuits. In 2007, she was sued by artist "Scratch" over royalties from her song "Respect" from her "M!ssundaztood" album, in which he was "seeking $717,600 in damages," according to TMZ. Beyond that, in 2013, TMZ reported that Pink was sued by Specialists Entertainment "for $36,213.31, the remainder of the unpaid royalties" from her first album, "Can't Take Me Home." As if that wasn't enough, that same year, a photographer claimed that he was assaulted by Pink's husband Carey Hart and sued "for assault and battery, and destruction of his camera equipment ... demanding unspecified damages," according to TMZ.

Despite that, Pink has a whopping $200 million fortune, according to Celebrity Net Worth.