The Real Reason Bill And Melinda Gates Grew Apart

Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates rattled the airwaves after he and his wife of 27 years, Melinda Gates, announced on May 3 they were divorcing. Although they've famously tried to keep their personal lives out of the spotlight, they said they "no longer believe we can grow together as a couple," in a joint statement shared via Twitter.

Despite presenting a united front with their several philanthropic efforts, including their work with their Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it appears their relationship was quite different behind the scenes. "He could have treated Melinda better," a source said of the tech genius in People's May 12 issue. "He's not a saint, but there isn't one thing that created the final split. It goes deeper than that." The insider continued, "It's many years of differing views of the world, the foundation, and of life in general, and those things piling up. They are older and each personally looked at life and asked, 'Is there more out there than what I have?'" 

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Different interests divided Bill and Melinda Gates

Although Bill and Melinda Gates' joint statement assured people their divorce won't stop them from continuing to work together or co-parent their three adult children — Jennifer, Phoebe, and Rory. And it seems like philanthropy and family were the only things they had in common after almost 30 years together. "They've grown apart for a variety of reasons," a source told People of the soon-to-be exes. "She's more interested in women's issues and what and who they helped with the foundation. Bill was — and is — far more interested in the business side of his life."

Despite throwing herself into their philanthropic efforts, she admitted being Bill's plus-one started to wear on her in her 2019 book "The Moment of Life." "He needed a better balance. He needed to let her speak and take the recognition she deserved on many foundation issues," the source shared. "He didn't realize he made those mistakes when he was making them."

Additionally, Bill's friendship with ex Ann Winblad, a well-known venture capitalist, also took a toll on their marriage. Although Melinda was fine with the two palling around — even allowing them to take weekend trips together — the situation seemed to become a source of conflict. "He is close to her. Romance or not, when one spouse loves the company of another person outside of the marriage and perpetuates that friendship over many years, it can help destroy trust," the insider said. Ultimately, it sounds like their split was for the best.