Why Is James Corden Hosting The Friends Reunion?

"Friends: The Reunion" is almost here! The teaser dropped on May 19, and fans freaked out over the opening scene with Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, and Matthew Perry reuniting on the iconic couch, per Daily Mail. Schwimmer's character, Ross Geller, stood at a trivia board and asked the group, "Rachel wrote Ross a letter and demanded he read it before they got back together. How many pages was that letter?" LeBlanc responded with "18 pages," but Aniston was quick to correct him with, "front and back!"

Kudrow reflected on the closeness of the cast, saying, "We have such a bond from this show," adding that the first table read was the "first time I laid eyes on any of you." She opened up about the reunion on the May 20 episode of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" and said, "We hadn't all been in the same room in like five or six years, and then COVID, you know, delayed this whole thing so much that it was thrilling and a little emotional." She continued, "I think we were meant to be excited about seeing the sets, and everyone was, but me because I wanted to see the people."

There's one aspect of the "Friends" reunion special, though, that has fans scratching their heads. James Corden has been tapped to host, and fans have something to say about it. Keep reading for more details.

James Corden says it's a "privilege" to host the "Friends" reunion special

James Corden is hosting the "Friends" reunion special because his production company is involved, according to the Daily Mail. Ben Winston is co-executive producer of "The Late Late Show With James Corden" and will also direct and produce the "Friends" reunion. Corden appeared on "This Morning" and seemed thrilled to host the special, saying, "It's peppered with lots of different people popping in and out, but really it's a celebration of the unbelievable chemistry between that cast. It's a big, nostalgic look back at this group of characters that mean so much to so many people... I was privileged to be asked to be part of it."

Corden might be excited, but fans are fuming on Twitter. One wrote, "The 'Friends' reunion is not a musical. Yet James Corden's in it. Why? And when will this man be stopped?" Another added, "How did James Corden worm his way into the 'Friends' reunion, does America know that he doesn't have to be in everything?" One fan chimed in with a "SpongeBob" meme, captioned with "James Corden adding the 'Friends' reunion to the list of things he's ruined with his mere presence." Ouch!

Others wondered why the series' iconic guest stars aren't hosting the special. "It should have been Paul Rudd and Christina Applegate on the guest-starring 'Friends' reunion," one fan tweeted. BTS, Cindy Crawford, Cara Delevingne, and Lady Gaga will also appear in the special — and fans aren't happy about that, either.