When Was The Last Time Christine Quinn Saw Chrishell Stause?

Netflix's "Selling Sunset" has no shortage of drama, especially between frenemies Christine Quinn and Chrishell Stause. The ladies first began to butt heads as Chrishell started to see success at The Oppenheim Group and when things got catty, with Christine even calling Chrishell "two-faced," per Elle. Christine continued to ruffle Chrishell's feathers in Season 2 after allegedly serving a cocktail at one of her parties called "Chrishell's Two-Faced Tonic." However, the ladies sat down together and decided to be civil towards one another but agreed braiding each other's hair probably wasn't going to happen. Despite their contentious relationship, Chrishell attended Christine's wedding in Season 3 even though she going through heartbreak after she was allegedly blindsided by her divorce from Justin Hartley. But unbeknownst to Christell, Christine had been questioning her role in her marital woes.

But while the drama was hot on-screen, the tea was boiling off-air. In fact, Chrishell revealed she had blocked Christine while talking to "The Reality Tea" podcast in June 2020. That same month, Christine spoke up about Chrishell's divorce in an interview for Page Six, which threw Christell for a loop and prompted her to speak out on Twitter and to a variety of publications.

Although they laid their feud out on the line for all to see, Christine is sharing where she and her costar stand today. Keep scrolling for more details.

Will Christine and Christell ever reconcile?

Following the drama in recent months after Season 3 of "Selling Sunset," Christine Quinn revealed, "there's no tension" between herself and Chrishell Stause while speaking with Us Weekly on June 1, but that's mainly because they haven't had to break bread together since last season.

"I haven't seen Chrishell in a really long time," Christine explained, and although the series is currently filming its fourth season, she admitted, "I haven't filmed with her" since they wrapped Season 3. 

Chrishell previously echoed Christine's comments stating, "We don't communicate at all," while speaking to Women's Health in August 2020, adding, "Since [Christine] got married she hasn't been in the office, so it's been easy to avoid each other in person." However, Chrishell said Christine's "behavior off-camera has hit an [all-time] low," and although she says, "I've always been trying to mend our relationship," she said Christine, "doesn't really seem to want that, so I will respect that we can coexist."

But to add another layer to the Chrishell and Christine drama, Christine alleged that their feud was originally all for show. "From day one, obviously the producers had certain things in mind. They wanted us to clash obviously," Christine said on the "Brandi Glanville Unfiltered" podcast. "At first, we didn't. We got along great. ... and then the storylines came into play," she explained, adding, "I never wanted to fight with her." Only time will tell if they will ever be in each other's company again.