Brielle Biermann Reveals Her Extreme Weight Loss

Reality TV star Brielle Biermann is apparently feeling "bikini ready" for the summer. The former "Don't Be Tardy" star showed off her extreme weight loss on her Instagram with a series of bikini photos at the beach, and of course, in front of the mirror.

Brielle flaunted her new look, first with a video of her slowly walking into the ocean on a beach in Saint Augustine, Fla., where she appears to be on vacation. She then worked more angles in another post in the same tiny bikini, with the flirty caption, "your man said i was the only fish he sees." Of course, Brielle's fans took to the comments of each post with their reactions to her new look, writing things like "snatched" and "absolutely stunning," along with a ton of fire and heart-eyes emojis.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star probably noticed the feedback and posted another bikini photo, this time a mirror selfie, to acknowledge the comments and explain how she lost weight. She captioned the photo, "everyone's asking how i lost weight.. secrets out!" Brielle then credited her weight loss to a diet product and used the moment as an opportunity to promote it. She continued, "so thankful my daily Modere trim got me bikini ready for the summer! use my code: '7933522' to get yours for $10 off."

Whether her weight loss was truly from the product or if it was a shameless plug to get a kickback, Brielle apparently doesn't mind showing off her slimmed-down body.

Some of Brielle Biermann's followers question how she lost weight

Bravo star Brielle Biermann showed off her bikini body onĀ Instagram and attributed her weight loss to a diet product called Modere trim. According to Modere's website, the product helps you "lose fat" and "burn more calories." And Brielle's mom, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, appears to be supportive, commenting on Brielle's post, "So happy you finally bought your own Modere and stopped stealing mine."

Yet some fans aren't buying that this was actually how Brielle lost weight and took to the comments section to call her out. One commenter posted, "Impossible a supplement makes you this thin." While another expressed, "Ummm this is not the healthy way to lose weight." Others suggested that Brielle photoshopped her body, pointing out that her wrist looked distorted. One fan commented, "Girl that modere trim your wrist off too?" And then there are those who believe her weight loss was from plastic surgery, with one writing, "Who is your doctor."

Brielle has had to shut down plastic surgery rumors before due to her frequently changing look. She's denied having work done other than lip fillers, telling Andy Cohen (via Page Six), "They don't realize that you look different when you're 10 years old to 24." Brielle has also opened up about her issues with her weight, captioning a 2019 Instagram post, "my weight fluctuates a lot...I've always been insecure about my body." Despite the controversy surrounding her weight loss, Brielle appears to be feeling good about it!