The Surprising Celeb People Want To Stay Far Away From Their Bachelorette Party

There's always one person you don't want at your bachelorette party. Maybe they always gets too drunk and ruin the vibe. Maybe they're crushing on your fiance, like Jessica from "Love Is Blind." Maybe they have a secret plan to make the night all about them. Hell, maybe they'll find out they weren't invited and make a surprise appearance anyway. Whatever their problem may be, there's no way you can let this one person ruin your last night of freedom.

Now that you have an extra invitation, wouldn't it be cool to extend it to a celebrity? After all, they are known for having some of the dopest bachelorette parties. Julianne Hough took her best girlfriends on a Caribbean cruise, according to E! News. Kim Kardashian flew her sisters and best friends to Paris before her wedding to Kanye West in 2014 — a far more extravagant event than the one she threw in Vegas when she married Kris Humphries three years earlier, per Elle.

But what if the celebrity you invited ended up being "that" person who ruins the party? Which celeb would that even be? Well, we conducted a survey to see which celeb you wouldn't (and would!) invite to your bachelorette party, and the answers may surprise you.

People don't want to party with Cardi

Of all the celebrities included in the poll, the least likely to be invited to a bachelorette party conclusively was Cardi B. And given her history of starting fights, inviting her probably wouldn't be the best idea. She famously threw a shoe at Asia Davies during the "Love & Hip Hop" reunion and did the same to Nicki Minaj at a 2018 party during New York Fashion Week. This is supposed to be your big night: If anyone is going to be throwing shoes, it should be you.

Also low on the invite list were Kylie Jenner and Lizzo.

But interestingly, the celebrity most people did want to invite to their bachelorette party was Chrissy Teigen — and by a lot. She received nearly 25% of the votes, while Ariana Grande scored over 18%, followed by Rihanna, who came in third with 17% of the votes. Those three are definitely the top contenders to receive bachelorette party invites.

Teigen has been embroiled in a lot of controversy lately, following revelations that she cyberbullied Courtney Stodden when Stodden was a teen, leading to several retailers dropping her line of cookware. So, it's surprising that so many people are still willing to party with her. Maybe they figure that since she has a cookware line, the party will never run out of glasses.