Here's How Kim Kardashian's Law Career Is Going

Kim Kardashian threw the world a curve ball when she announced she wanted to become a lawyer. After refocusing her efforts to bring more attention to important issues such as prison reform, Kim set out on her path to walk in father Robert Kardashian's shoes as a top California attorney.

Her aspirations were made possible by California being one of only four states that allow a person to become qualified without going to law school, per The Washington Post. As the outlet explained, rather than heading down the traditional route, Kim's way means she's become a "law reader" by participating in the California Law Office or Judge's Chamber Program. That means the public figure studies for a certain amount of time each week and paid fees to do so, while being mentored by attorneys Jessica Jackson and Erin Haney.

It's safe to say the reality star has received her fair share of criticism since announcing her somewhat unexpected plans, but that certainly hasn't stopped her from chasing her dreams. From bar exams to support from famous faces, read on to find out all about how Kim Kardashian's law career is really going.

Kim Kardashian's law career has actually been a long time coming

Though it seemed to come as a surprise to some that Kim Kardashian had law degree-shaped stars in her eyes, she actually made her career aspirations clear years before she really got serious about hitting the books. In fact, it was back in September 2016 that the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star opened up to Wonderland about her big dreams. "If things slow down and I had time, I really wanna go to law school... Or I could become a forensic investigator. That would be my ultimate. I can really investigate things," Kim told the publication. She shared at the time that she was considering becoming an intern for Johnnie Cochran, who worked with her dad, Robert Kardashian, on the infamous O.J. Simpson murder trial.

That same year, Kim wrote an impassioned post on her KKW Beauty blog (which has since been deleted) about how she wanted to get more involved with the law and activism in the wake of two fatal police shootings of Black men. "I don't ever want to tell [my son] that he has to watch his back because the people we are told to trust — the people who protect and serve — may not be protecting and serving him because of the color of his skin,"  she wrote (via The Washington Post). "I want my children to grow up knowing that their lives matter."

After registering with the California State Bar, Kim Kardashian's plan was a go

Two years after she told Wonderland she hoped to one day hit the books, Kim Kardashian got the ball rolling. In April 2019, she shared a very lengthy post on Instagram in which she confirmed she'd registered with the California State Bar the year prior and was on her way to completing a full year of studying.

Kardashian revealed she'd be working for a minimum of 18 hours a week for the next four years and also clapped back at those suggesting fame and money helped her in any way. "That's not the case," she wrote. "I want people to understand that there is nothing that should limit your pursuit of your dreams, and the accomplishment of new goals. You can create your own lanes, just as I am."

She also gave a little more insight into how she kicked off this process without obtaining an undergraduate degree. "This option is available to anyone [whose] state allows it," she explained. "It's true I did not finish college. You need 60 college credits (I had 75) to take part in 'reading the law', which is an in office law school being apprenticed by lawyers. For anyone assuming this is the easy way out, it's not." She also noted that she had been spending a lot of time away from her children to study. Along with the message, Kardashian shared a photo she took with her mentors, Dream Corps Justice's Jessica Jackson and Erin Haney.

Kim Kardashian got into law because she believed she 'could do more'

Kim Kardashian got really candid about her law career journey in the May 2019 issue of Vogue. In an interview that would generate a lot of headlines and raise some eyebrows, she discussed her plan to take the bar exam in 2022. Noting that she "had to think long and hard about" taking on something so big, Kardashian was really convinced to go for it because of her work with Alice Marie Johnson. The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star met with former President Donald Trump about the case, with Trump commuting Johnson's life sentence.

"The White House called me to advise to help change the system of clemency, and I'm sitting in the Roosevelt Room with, like, a judge who had sentenced criminals and a lot of really powerful people and I just sat there, like, Oh, s**t. I need to know more," Kardashian told Vogue. "I would say what I had to say, about the human side and why this is so unfair. But I had attorneys with me who could back that up with all the facts of the case."

Kardashian explained she "wanted to be able to fight for people who have paid their dues to society" and was inspired to do something to change "the system" currently in place. "I wanted to fight to fix it, and if I knew more, I could do more," she said.

Kim Kardashian's mentors heaped on the praise

In June 2019, CNN did an in-depth profile on Kim Kardashian's new career path – and her mentors were clearly impressed with her progress. Advisor Erin Haney shared that Kim was "really, really invested in not just sort of checking off boxes to get through the homework but in really understanding the concept." Haney was also convinced by the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star's abilities, noting, "If Kim wants to take the bar in 2022, she will pass."

Van Jones cited the late Robert Kardashian as a major influence on the reality TV personality. "Kim talks about sneaking into her dad's office and reading the law books and looking at the evidence from the O.J. case," he shared with the outlet. "I think this is the real Kim." Jones cofounded Dream Corps Justice, the non-profit where Kardashian is being apprenticed by Jessica Jackson and Erin Haney.

The lawyer and CNN commentator noted how serious Kim was about the process, despite all of the other things going on in her busy life. "She just inhales this legal stuff in a way that's hard to imagine," he said. "You've got four little kids and a celebrity husband and a bunch of businesses to run, but she is just inhaling these law books." To borrow a line from "Legally Blonde" hero Elle Woods: "What, like it's hard?"

Famous faces jumped on board with Kim Kardashian's new career

The stamps of approval continued to roll in. After Kim Kardashian chatted with Jenna Bush Hager in 2019 about her career goals and involvement in the Rodney Reed case, the "Today" anchor said the reality TV personality is "extremely passionate" about working in the legal field. "I met her two lawyers that help train her in the bar and they said that they wouldn't believe that she actually didn't cheat on some of these tests if they weren't watching it because she's so talented," Bush Hager told her cohosts. 

Van Jones praised Kim Kardashian again in May 2021 during a virtual appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." According to the political commentator, the beauty mogul was "doing amazing" in her quest to become an attorney. "I think she has used her platform to help people behind bars," he told the daytime host. "Once she got a taste of what she could do using her platform, using her brain, she hasn't let up, so I think she's going to be an unbelievable attorney. She's already I think one of the best advocates that we have in criminal justice."

Kim Kardashian shut down anyone who may doubt her aspirations

Kim Kardashian opened up again about her legal career at a 2020 Television Critics Association event for "Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project," the documentary series that follows her quest for prison reform. According to Reuters, she explicitly confirmed that she did complete her first year of her apprenticeship — an essential piece in her journey toward becoming a practitioner of the law. She also shut down any trolls who suggested she might not be pursuing this path for the right reasons.

"I really genuinely just stay focused on the cases and the people. I'm not doing it for publicity. I really do care," she said. "I'm very used to criticism, so nothing really fazes me." The star also gave an update on how much time she'd been putting into her work, sharing she devoted 20 hours of every week to studying. As "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" viewers eventually learned, she upped her study time significantly in the weeks leading up to the test. 

When the going got tough, Kim Kardashian kept working

That hard work didn't slow down even when Kim Kardashian's turbulent marriage to Kanye West hit the headlines. Kardashian continued to keep fans updated with her lawyer journey via social media and, after a bit of a quiet patch when it came to her legal work, she confirmed on Instagram Stories that was very much still studying in the third quarter of 2020. And her prep schedule was no joke. 

"Been up since 4:45am. Can't sleep. Do I get a head start on my workout or try and go back to sleep?" she asked fans (via Daily Mail). Well, it turned out she did neither. In a followup post, she shared a snapshot of her notes, notecards, and textbooks. "Gonna study," she wrote. 

This update came around the same time serious speculation regarding her relationship with West was in the ether. After the rapper posted a series of concerning tweets in September 2020, a source claimed to People that Kardashian was "at the end of her rope — again." As fans will know, Kim Kardashian went on to file for divorce in February 2021.

Kim Kardashian revealed she didn't pass the baby bar

Some months after Kim Kardashian documented her early morning study break, she had a not-so-good update to share.

In May 2021, Kim confirmed during an episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" that was filmed in October 2020 that she'd taken the baby bar exam (which she must pass to be able to take the bar in 2022) and failed. Kim explained she'd heard the baby bar was actually "harder" than the proper exam, while a flashback showed she received a score of 474, lower than the 560 she needed to pass. The star was clearly upset over the setback and even called herself "a failure." 

"I spent six weeks straight, 10 to 12 hours a day, studying and it was so important for me to take this," she said. "And to not pass gets your spirit down and just makes you want to give up."

Kim was comforted by Kourtney Kardashian, who noted how Robert Kardashian might react to the news. "I feel like dad would be really proud of you regardless, just the fact that you're pursuing this," the Poosh founder said. Khloé Kardashian added, "I think it's highly respectable what you're doing." Kim then revealed her plans to retake the baby bar. "I don't want to wait another year to go by for school," she said.

Kim Kardashian failed the baby bar exam again

In another blow to Kim Kardashian's law aspirations, the public figure ended giving the baby bar another shot in November 2020 — only to fail for a second time. During the final episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," which aired in June 2021, Kim revealed she got a lower score this time around. 

"I failed! F**k! This is really annoying. I feel bummed, totally bummed," she said (via Cosmopolitan), sharing she'd scored 463 — nine points less than before. "I pretty much got the same thing last time, actually a little bit worse. I just have to not stress about it. I can't stress I just have to do better in the future."

When Kim reached out to Khloé Kardashian with the news, the Good American founder pointed out that her sister and fellow reality star had a lot going on in her personal life while she was prepping for her second round with the exam. "I really don't think this time counted," Khloé said. Despite two setbacks, Kim vowed to keep on going with her law career.

Could Kim Kardashian still become a lawyer after failing the baby bar twice?

While she did not pass the baby bar on two separate occasions, it's still possible for Kim Kardashian to become a lawyer — and she still seems hell-bent on reaching her goal. Following her second failed attempt at the exam, Kardashian revealed on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" that she'd give it a go for it a third time in July 2021 (via Refinery29). If she passes on the third try, it will put her one step closer to being able to take (and hopefully pass!) the real bar.

Kardashian's close friend Foodgod (aka Jonathan Cheban) dished on how she was doing during a June 15, 2021 appearance on "The Wendy Williams Show," noting that the reality star was working hard. "Kim's studying for the bar exam again, I just spoke to her, like, yesterday," he said.

The Skims founder also seemingly hinted she'd dish more on her journey to become a lawyer when her Spotify podcast launches. When a Twitter user asked if the "baby BAR experience" will be highlighted on her podcast, she replied, "It's going to be the best! I can't wait for you guys to tune in." Sounds like this journey's not over yet.

What could change when Kim Kardashian becomes a lawyer?

So it seems like Kim Kardashian won't stop until she's a fully qualified lawyer, but what could change when she finally gets her goal? Well, probably not too much. Of course, the mom of four will be able to represent clients in legal cases, but don't assume her seductive social media uploads will suddenly be replaced with buttoned-up pictures from the courtroom.

When "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" reunion host Andy Cohen asked if the aspiring lawyer might one day go with a more conservative look, she made her future style plans quite clear. "I thought about this. And then I thought, 'You can do it all. You can do whatever you want,'" she said. "Like I remember going to the White House one time and I was like, 'Ooh, I just posted a bikini pic, you know, I hope they're not looking at my Instagram while I'm in here!' And then I thought, 'You know what, you've gotta be you.'" That you do, Kim Kardashian. That you do.

It sounds like she will be sticking with reality TV, too. The Kardashian family signed a deal with Hulu in December 2020 to star in a new series following the end of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," so this attorney-in-the-making is not going anywhere.