The D'Amelio Show Season 1 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

Can two TikTok stars and their family members become the next Kardashians? We'll find out after "The D'Amelio Show" premieres on Hulu. Addison Rae is the TikToker who famously befriended Kourtney Kardashian, but her fellow content creators, former Hype House members Charli D'Amelio and Dixie D'Amelio, are the social media stars who will be borrowing the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" format for their new docuseries.

Unlike the Kardashians, the D'Amelio clan will begin their reality careers with huge fan followings and how they handle fame will be something that's explored on their show. "From relative obscurity and seemingly normal life to being thrust into the Hollywood limelight almost overnight, the D'Amelios are faced with new challenges and opportunities they could not have imagined," the series' description reads. Viewers will also get the opportunity to see what Charli and Dixie are like when they aren't busy creating TikTok content and building their entertainment empire.

The series seems to be fairly popular on social media already. As of this writing, its Instagram page has over 122,000 followers, and its official trailer has been viewed a whopping 5.1 million times on YouTube. This bodes well for its success. A large number of comments on YouTube are positive, too. "I never thought I'd say this but this looks INTERESTING," one person wrote. If you're also intrigued, keep on reading to learn everything you need to know about the D'Amelios and their show.

When can we watch The D'Amelio Show?

The news that Dixie D'Amelio and Charli D'Amelio would be getting their own show first broke in December 2020. The way Belisa Balaban, VP of documentaries at Hulu, described the docuseries to Variety made it seem like a good fit for her network. "'The D'Amelio Show' joins our growing slate of docuseries about the human experience and we're incredibly excited to partner with the D'Amelio family to offer viewers an authentic look at the complicated lives of these two relatable young women thrust to the top of the social media algorithm," she said. Viewers won't have to wait long to get a look inside the D'Amelios' lives; fans can begin living vicariously through Charli and Dixie on September 3, 2021. However, they can only watch "The D'Amelio Show" on Hulu.

Hulu shared a special announcement video for the premiere date that starred Dixie, Charli, and their parents. The close-knit family showed off their goofier side, with Dixie tossing some confetti in the air and Charli speaking into a bullhorn. Marc D'Amelio effortlessly pulled off a classic dad gag by holding up a script and saying, "It's totally unscripted." Matriarch Heidi D'Amelio also got to deliver a line. "Tune in to find out what our lives are really like behind the scenes," she said. The first season will include eight episodes that fans will be able to binge-watch all at once.

Who's in the cast?

Charli D'Amelio was the member of her family who found fame first. According to The New Yorker, the former competitive dancer joined TikTok in 2019. In the videos she shared, she performed abbreviated dance routines that were easy for other teens to replicate. The dances resonated with the platform's young audience, and the teenager has garnered over 123 million followers as of August. While she's clearly mastered the art of short-form entertainment, she seems to appreciate having a much longer format to work with. "I think the way that the story is being told is just — it's so awesome," she told Variety.

Charli's older sister Dixie D'Amelio joined the app later on. She told The Guardian that she was feeling "left out" and vowed to give TikTok a try if Charli reached one million followers. Now, she has over 54 million followers of her own. Dixie has used her notoriety to record a few songs, and she told The Hollywood Reporter that she has plans to release an album and go on tour. "The D'Amelio Show" description mentions her "exploding music career," and a "first look" video shows her in a recording studio.

Parents Marc D'Amelio and Heidi D'Amelio complete "the first family of TikTok." To support their daughters' pursuit of even more fame, they uprooted their lives in Connecticut and headed to Hollywood with the girls. ELLE describes Heidi as a "momager" who Dixie and Charli consult with about their posts.

Viewers will see emotional breakdowns and other famous faces

On "The D'Amelio Show," fans will see the many ways fame has changed life for Charli D'Amelio and Dixie D'Amelio. In the "first look" video, there are scenes that show the sisters getting glammed up for a photoshoot. While this is something most teens don't experience, Charli attempts to be somewhat relatable. "I still have to make my bed," she says. 

Dixie talks about wanting "to be there" for her younger sister, but it's Dixie who is shown breaking down in tears in the show's trailer. In other scenes, she gets upset after reading some of the hateful comments about her on social media. While the siblings seem supportive of one another, they don't always get along. "You get on my nerves on purpose, though," Charli tells Dixie in one scene. "Like I breathe sometimes and that really sets her off," Dixie says to the camera. 

Some other famous faces from TikTok will appear on the show. In one episode, Charli tries to overcome her social anxiety while hanging out with fellow TikTok stars Avani Gregg and Madi Monroe. Viewers will also get an inside look at Dixie's relationship with Noah Beck. And if the first season is a success, at least one family member is ready to begin filming again. "I would 100% do a Season 2 — it was so much fun," Dixie told The Hollywood Reporter.