Why Garcelle Beauvais Thinks Kris Jenner Should Join RHOBH

When Garcelle Beauvais joined the cast of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" she immediately understood the assignment. She spilled details about her family and her dating life, brought some epic fashions, and even went head to head with "RHOBH" vets Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards. During her second season, Garcelle brought it even harder, taking an active role among the women in questioning Erika Jayne's legal problems and the scandal surrounding Tom Girardi's alleged crimes. 

Take note — Garcelle is sweet but she's no fool. She might be somewhat of a rookie on "RHOBH," but Garcelle clearly knows what it takes to be a good Housewife and assist in stirring up some drama. When Kathy Hilton and Crystal Minkoff joined the show in Season 11, she immediately took to them as well, as did many fans. In fact, Kathy, who is the sister of OG cast members Kyle and Kim Richards, almost made a bigger impression on fans in her inaugural season than Garcelle did when she came on. The former model and current "The Real" co-host also thinks that someone else from the Richards' inner circle should join the show — and for some very good reasons. 

Kris Jenner is already friends with a RHOBH star

Kyle Richards has long been friends with Kris Jenner, who has even made cameos on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" in the past (and Kyle has appeared on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" as a "friend of" Kris as well). Given that having a genuine relationship with the cast is one thing that casting producers look for when picking new Housewives, she could be a perfect fit — and Garcelle Beauvais agrees.  

"I think [Kris is] definitely outspoken, she's in charge, she's a boss," Garcelle dished during an episode of "A Drink With Live! With Catt Sadler." "She might give the other women a run for their money. I think she would be cool. She's friends with Kyle, she knows Kathy, I think she would just be a great fit." Alas, it probably isn't meant to be. "I don't think she would do it because she's so busy and she really doesn't need to, but if she were to come on, I think she'd actually be pretty good," the "RHOBH" star continued. 

Bravo exec Andy Cohen has also said something similar, noting to Entertainment Weekly that she would fit in naturally, but given that she used to have producer credits on "KUWTK," he didn't think that she would do it without having some control over the narrative. And while the women of the 90210 try their hardest to protect themselves on the show, no one can control what the producers do with all of that footage. Just ask Denise Richards.