The Hilarious Thing Sutton Stracke Brought To The RHOBH Reunion

Everyone that loves "The Real Housewives" franchise knows that, at the reunion specials, things can get a little.... hectic. Sometimes a fight can break out between two housewives, like Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams during the Season 6 "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion. Or, a housewife can bring the receipts and read them to the rest of her cast mates, like Monique Samuels did in Season 5 at "The Real Housewives of Potomac" reunion. However, the most hilarious and odd moments tend to happen during "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reunions. No one could forget the jaw-dropping moment during the Season 7 reunion when Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna duked it out over a regifted stuffed bunny. To this day, Lisa is still poking fun at the hilarious, but odd moment.

Now the Season 11 "RHOBH” reunion is here, and Sutton Stracke is the newest housewife on the couch. So, we were wondering: What is the wacky prop that Sutton decided to bring with her to the reunion?

Sutton Stracke brought a face roller

Sometimes, the "Real Housewives" like to prep before a reunion special taping, and Sutton Stracke likes to use a particular tool that helps manage her stress — a face roller! Sutton tweeted a TikTok video of her getting ready behind the scenes before the reunion taping, and her infamous face roller was in the video, too.

Fans might remember the face roller making a cameo during another "RHOBH" episode. During a trip to Lake Tahoe, Sutton used it to keep from crying during an intense conversation with Crystal Kung Minkoff. "This helps me because I feel so uncomfortable," Sutton said to Crystal. According to Yahoo!, Sutton also talked about it with Lisa Rinna, and said "I'm carrying my roller with me. It's giving me anxiety relief." This new device made Lisa curious, and she asked Sutton, "Are you rolling when you feel like you're gonna cry?" Sutton replied, "I really feel sick of crying. She's coming with me all day."

Sutton has discussed her issues with anxiety before on the show, like the time she had an anxiety attack in a luxury dressing room, per BravoTV. "I had a breakdown because, well, one dress that they wanted me to try on didn't fit so that gives me anxiety. Nobody likes that and it's embarrassing," Sutton explained. " "It just was all wrong and my anxiety was high because they went to such extreme measures to let us come to the store where they laid out all of our clothes to try."