What Did Alec Baldwin's Daughter Ireland Say About The Astroworld Tragedy?

On November 5, rapper Travis Scott hosted and performed at his annual music festival, Astroworld, where eight people reportedly died and dozens of others were injured. Many of the attendees described how disorganized and dangerous the event became. "I got there around 3 and saw people already struggling to stand straight," concertgoer Neema Djavadzadeh told The New York Times. "There was a lot of mob mentality going on, people willing to do whatever to be in line for merch, food, shows, you name it. A lot of fights broke out throughout the day." As Vanessa Johnson, another concertgoer, told the publication, "You can literally jump in the air and you're there in the air — it's like if your hands are up, your hands are staying up."

Celebrities also added their two cents on the aftermath of Astroworld. SZA, who was a headliner at the Astroworld festival, tweeted, "Speechless about last night I'm actually in shock n don't even know what to say .. just praying for everyone in Houston especially the families of those that lost their lives." Roddy Rich, another rapper who performed at Astroworld, posted on his Instagram Story (via BuzzFeed) that he plans to donate his earnings from the festival to the families that were affected. Scott even wrote a short apology on the Notes app and tweeted said thoughts, following that up with an Instagram Story conveying his feelings while looking distressed.

But one person that wasn't expected to speak on this situation — but has contributed to the conversation nonetheless — is Ireland Baldwin, who has a lot of thoughts about what unfolded.

Ireland Baldwin wants people to stop 'spreading misinformation'

Many people are coming out across social media to share their opinions on who's at fault for what occurred during Travis Scott's Astroworld festival. Model Ireland Baldwin seems pretty frustrated over where the discussions are heading, and took to her Instagram Stories (via the Daily Mail) to vent. "I have a pretty solid idea...maybe we should stick to what we actually know, stop making assumptions, stop spreading misinformation, and educate ourselves on things we know nothing about," Ireland said. "Y'all are really killing me these days. You believe everything that you see on Twitter and TikTok and completely bandwagon on spreading misinformation."

Baldwin even compared the mass casualty event to what her father Alec Baldwin went through amid the accidental shooting that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his film "Rust." "First, you were armory/stunt coordination pros when it came to the horrific tragedy involving my dad...and now Travis Scott is demonic because he ALLOWED people to die at his show?," Ireland continued. "C'mon people...do a little research before you go spewing cancel culture bulls***. People lost their children at this who and you've got say is that Travis Scott's music is demonic and belongs in prison? Jesus."

Some people responded to Ireland's IG Stories, probably questioning her stance on what occurred, because she later clarified that she was "in no way defending Travis Scott" and that she is mainly "heartbroken for the families who lost a loved one."