What's Really Going On With 90 Day Fiance Couple Hazel And Tarik Myers?

In its nearly 10-year run, "90 Day Fiance" has had its fair share of both failed and successful relationships. The show, which follows couples who have applied for a K-1 Visa (also known as the fiancé visa), has birthed unions that occasionally stand the test of time and, more often than not, romances that run kaput once the cameras start rolling. In the case of Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan, it looks like the two are leaning more towards the latter.

If there's something to know about Tarik and Hazel's relationship, it's that it's been tumultuous from the get-go. When they met, Hazel revealed she is bisexual, leading to them finding a girlfriend for her, which seemed to turn problematic when Tarik started to fall for her, too. There was also a pregnancy scare that led to a brief breakup when Tarik thought that Hazel terminated her pregnancy without telling him. But they eventually got past these problems and tied the knot in June 2020.

"My wife. She is the strongest person I know. She is the most complex person I know," Tarik captioned a photo from their wedding. "She did what would terrify others. Backlash be damned. Criticism be damned. My loving, shy little braveheart. Tough as nails in light blue heels. I love her." 

But now, Tarik shared a worrying update about their relationship status.

Tarik Myers shares a cryptic post about his relationship with Hazel Cagalitan

In general, viewers of "90 Days Fiance" are not big #Tarzel fans. They think that Hazel Cagalitan is more interested in women, and some fans believe that Tarik Myers is more fixated on Minty than Hazel. They find it bizarre that the two eventually got hitched, and now, it seems that their relationship may be over for good.

In a December 7 post on his Instagram story, Tarik revealed, "Hazel does not live with me anymore." He continued, "She said she is in a state with people I don't know. She said she is going back to the Philippines. I know that bc she has no choice." Tarik said "no matter what happened," he urged fans and followers not to "attack her or harass her like you've been doing the past three years." Prior to this post, Tarik apparently added the phrase "I can't believe you're a snake too" to his bio, which fans assumed may be directed at Hazel. He also posted three consecutive, since-deleted photos of the same thing: an illustration of a woman wearing heels, with the quote, "Trust no one."

In April, Hazel went on an alarming Instagram Live, in which it seemed that she was in trouble. Traces of Tarik has been wiped off her feed after, but she assured everyone that she was okay. Both Hazel and Tarik's Instagrams still contain photos with each other.