Dorit Kemsley Gets Candid About Her Return To RHOBH

Lately it seems like the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast has taken drama to brand new heights. Season 11 of the reality show heavily revolved around Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi's divorce and alleged embezzlement. Season 12 is currently filming with two new full-time cast members and a new "friend of." And don't worry, Kathy Hilton finally signed on to come back for a second season.

However, another housewife experienced a traumatizing event that may play out next season. Just as the season was beginning production, Dority Kemsley was held at gunpoint and robbed while her children were asleep and her husband was out of town. Her co-stars, friends, and family rushed to her side the next day. Just days after the incident, she made a statement on her Instagram account that she wants her "family to return to normality as soon as possible."

When her co-star and friend Kyle Richards caught up with Access Hollywood on the red carpet at the People's Choice Awards, which Dorit also attended, she revealed that the Beverly Beach founder wasn't doing as well as she'd hoped. "I would say that she's absolutely struggling," Kyle divulged. "When it first happened, I think she was in shock, and now the reality has settled in." So, what does Dorit have to say about filming Season 12 of "RHOBH" following this terrifying event?

Dorit Kemsley says filming will help 'keep life as normal as possible'

Despite such a tragic event, Dorit Kemsely was eager to get back to filming the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." "I decided, you know, this is what I need to do and it's gonna help me. Rather than just stay home and wallow in this," the fashion designer told Us Weekly. "I wanna keep life as normal as possible. I wanted to, you know, continue my commitment to the show." The wedding dress designer also noted that had something more happened that night, she would not have made the same decision. "Had there been any other outcome, you know, where my children had woken up and seen [what happened] — God forbid — it would've probably been different and I wouldn't have gone back into filming," she admitted.

While the mom-of-two continued filming, she decided to take a break from social media, but came back from her month-long Instagram hiatus to wish her co-star and friend Kyle Richards a happy birthday. "I just needed some time away to focus on family and myself and all things important to me; and it's been very helpful and healthy for me," she explained in her Instagram post. "Love you all(well most of you, the nice ones anyway!) lol!!!"

While Season 12 does not have a premiere date yet, it is set to return in spring 2022, according to Bustle.