Jamie Lynn Spears Confirms What We Suspected All Along About Britney And Justin Timberlake

Jamie Lynn Spears is promoting her new book, "Things I Should Have Said," by saying, quite bluntly, all of those things in the back of her mind. 

For instance, the former "Zoey 101" star revealed that she almost filed for emancipation from her parents Jamie and Lynne Spears when she got pregnant at the age of 16. And if that weren't enough, Jamie Lynn's also been sharing details about her strained relationship with her sister Britney Spears, which has resulted in a public feud between them. It's gotten so bad that Jamie Lynn wants the back-and-forth spat to end. Jamie Lynn even took to her Instagram account to ask her big sister to call her so they can talk privately. She wrote on her Story (via Page Six), "I'm happy to share how many times I've reached out to you, supported you and tried to help you. This is embarrassing and has to stop. Love you."

Well, as much as Jamie Lynn wants to keep things civil between her and Britney, that's probably not going to happen, seeing how her new book has revealed a lot of personal details about the pop star's life — including exactly what happened behind the scenes between Britney and her most famous ex, Justin Timberlake.

Jamie Lynn Spears details Britney Spears' most painful heartache

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's breakup was one that a lot of people couldn't get over — and neither could the two chart-toppers themselves. In her book, "Things I Should Have Said," Jamie Lynn Spears says that her big sister had a hard time dealing with her split from Timberlake and that it took an emotional toll on the "Zoey 101" star, too. She explained on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast, per People, "I was so sad, first off because my sister was so sad, but that, too, was the first time I saw [that] maybe I didn't know everything about the relationship."

And while Jamie Lynn insists that she doesn't know the real reason for their breakup, she was just as turned off by Timberlake's 2003 hit "Cry Me a River" as Britney's fans are (the song seems to slam Britney). Jamie Lynn explained, "Don't get me wrong, like, that's a way to launch your solo career, right? And my sister, she wrote that song 'Everytime,' ... and it still makes me cry because I think about how heartbroken she was, because that was her song and that was his song." Speaking of "Cry Me a River," Timberlake has since apologized for the way he treated Britney in the media since their split, saying he "failed."

With one ex writing songs about her and her sister writing a book about her heartaches, it's no wonder Britney doesn't want to talk to anyone from her past.

Britney Spears said she "couldn't talk" after breaking up with Justin Timberlake

Britney Spears had never been vocal about her split with Justin Timberlake — unless she was backed into a corner. Those who followed news about their breakup would probably remember the infamous Diane Sawyer interview in 2003, where the singer was put in the hot seat and was asked questions regarding their split. Spears was framed to be somewhat of a villain, as though she was the one to blame for the demise of their relationship.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Spears blasted Sawyer and revealed how she was basically forced to participate in the interview. "Do we dare forget the Diane Sawyer interview in my apartment almost 20 years ago?" she wrote, per Harper's Bazaar. "What was with the 'You're in the wrong' approach??" She shared how she couldn't even talk to anyone at the time, but suddenly found herself having to relay her story when she wasn't ready. "Something I never shared when I had that big break up years ago was that I couldn't talk afterwards... I was in shock," she recalled. "Pretty lame of my dad and three men to show up at my door when I could hardly speak ... two days later they put Diane Sawyer in my living room ... they forced me to talk!"

Spears added that, at the time, she was too young to understand what was going on. "I was a baby ... I was almost 22 and didn't understand," she said. "But I f*****g know now!!!"

Britney Spears strikes back at Jamie Lynn

After she parted ways with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears sought solace from her family and shared how she flew home to find comfort. However, she didn't exactly get the response she wanted at the time, as she said she was effectively ignored by her mom and younger sister.

"I flew home to Jamie Lynn on the couch watching her tv shows right after Justin and I broke up... I was a ghost there!!!!!" she revealed on Instagram. "I had worked my whole life and I didn't know how to be served by Mamma ... Sit there and get served the chocolate milkshakes with the perfectly crushed ice with the secret chunky sugar meanwhile Jamie Lynn is 12, she indulges with the TV for hours then goes to lay out on a raft at the pool ... I'm in shock because this was never my life."

She added that she was closer to Timberlake's family than she was with her own and alleged that her mom paid her no mind. "My Mamma was on pain medication and could barely hold a conversation in the house because her and my dad split and she was more messed up than anything." She ended her rant by saying what she wished she had done at the time: "I'm sorry Jamie Lynn, I wasn't strong enough to do what should have been done ... slapped you and Mamma right across your f***ing faces !!!!!"