What Prince William Was Reportedly Doing Just Before Ukraine Situation

On February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine, and the invasion put the geopolitical state of the entire European Union in jeopardy. Russia's President Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to march to Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, asserting that move was essential. According to a BBC report, he claimed that the invasion was Russia's attempt to ensure its safety in the face of Ukraine's potential alignment with NATO — something which the West, now, is shying away from.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has attracted severe criticism, with world leaders urging the invading president to consider peace negotiations and stop attacking the country. Civilians and troops have lost lives, and Putin has little intention of stopping until he demilitarizes Ukraine. The U.S., U.K., and other Western and Asian powers — such as Japan and South Korea — have responded with sanction packages to deter Russia's advances. "Putin chose this war. And now, he and his country will bear the consequences," U.S. President Joe Biden said in a press briefing at the White House on February 24, according to The Washington Post.

Of international figures weighing in on the events, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were among the voices criticizing Putin regarding Ukraine's invasion. The Sussexes released a statement on their Archewell website condemning the attack and extending support to Ukrainians. Harry's brother, Prince William, hasn't had much to say except announcing a holiday to celebrate Queen's Platinum Jubilee. But it does appear that the Duke of Cambridge was busy right before Russia's invasion unfolded.

Prince William met with MI6 before the Ukraine attack

According to the Daily Mail, new details revealed by the Court Circular state that Prince William visited the U.K.'s secret intelligence service, MI6, on the eve of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The circular, however, disclosed the Cambridges' busy schedule, which included a meeting about their Earthshot Prize, among other commitments. No further details around the meeting were revealed by the outlet.

This is not the first time that William has visited the intelligence agency — as it turns out, he's quite familiar with some of the agency's operations. In 2019, the second-in-line to the British throne interned at MI5, MI6, and GCHQ. "Spending time inside our security and intelligence agencies, understanding more about the vital contribution they make to our national security, was a truly humbling experience," William said, according to a report by The Guardian. "These agencies are full of people from everyday backgrounds doing the most extraordinary work to keep us safe. They work in secret, often not even able to tell their family and friends about the work they do or the stresses they face."

The timing of William's visit comes as responsibilities continue to mount for royal members. Queen Elizabeth tested positive for COVID-19, to the concern of many across the world, and earlier this week, the U.K. parliament discussed the future of crucial titles held by Prince Harry and Prince Andrew.